The mission of Indiana State School Music Association is to provide educationally evaluated music performance opportunities for students and teachers of school music ensembles from member schools in Indiana. While Indiana schools remain closed or are utilizing e-learning, the opportunity for students participating in high school music ensembles to rehearse together is either very limited, or does not exist. Therefore, the ISSMA Executive Committee has cancelled all remaining ISSMA-sponsored student music events for the 2019-2020 school year.
All spring meetings of the association will take place on the day and time as originally scheduled. If it is determined that any of these meetings should not take place in person, instructions for participating in a virtual meeting will be provided.
The ISSMA Executive Committee and staff share in the disappointment felt by students, directors, family members and supporters of the outstanding school music ensembles in Indiana. We are especially saddened that seniors will not be afforded the opportunity to participate in ISSMA events as they complete their high school career. ISSMA publicly thanks these talented senior students for their dedication and unique contributions to school music ensembles and wishes them the very best in their future pursuits. We are confident they will continue to embrace music as an important part of their lives after high school.
It is with great anticipation that we look forward to providing Indiana student musicians the opportunity to share their outstanding performances at ISSMA events beginning in the Fall of 2020.
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