Dear Editor,
I appreciated the article (It’s Time To Look At It Differently, June 3, Tim Timmons) in which you described watching a good friend endure being subject to the abuse of a racist policeman.  Then, in your June 10th article (Continuing the conversation . . .) I agreed with some of what you said but felt you were intentionally misleading in spots.
A column like yours gives you a platform to inform or confuse.  I believe the battle cry to “defund the police” is actually about a reallocation of police funds.  The hope is that instead of putting extra money into expensive military equipment, this money could be better spent on mental health or other social services which would help the police do their difficult jobs.  It does not mean defunding all efforts at public safety.  I feel like your focusing on Minneapolis and the word “disband” was intended to muddy the waters.  Maybe you didn’t mean it that way.
You said Drew Brees and Roger Goddell were doing well until they apologized.  I don’t get it.  They were apologizing for being insensitive white guys.  Players who kneel at football games have never been disrespecting the flag.  I’m sure you understand that, yet you insist on pushing the “disrespect” narrative.  They are trying to bring attention to the unjust murders of black people.  In what way has “kneeling instead of standing” ever been anything but “even more respectful”?  Don’t people kneel when proposing to show respect?  Why shouldn’t football players use their fame and status to bring attention, in this small but powerful way, to a horrible injustice that affects them and people they love?
You mentioned wanting to “get busy fixing things instead of making them worse.”  I appreciate it when you use your platform to do that.
 Christy Wiegand