By The Numbers, a look at what’s in the news . . . by the numbers. These are just numbers, not suggestions that they mean more or less than what they are. We do not suggest that one number is connected to another. These are simply facts with no extraneous details, bias or slanted reporting. To borrow (and perhaps mangle a bit) a quote from legendary fictional detective Joe Friday, it’s just the numbers, ma’am!

The number of nautical miles the U.S. Navy carrier Harry S. Truman sailed in her recent deployment. Among the 5,000+ sailors on the ship were Petty Officer 3rd Class Charles E. Conners, a hospital corpsman, and a 2018 Carmel High School graduate.

How many free Paddle Days offered on the White River from the White River Alliance, the premier organization for regional water resource protection in Indiana, in cooperation with the White River Canoe Company. The days are July 17 and 26 and Aug. 7, 16, 21 and 30. In part, this also takes the place of the annual White River Dragon Boat Race. The race has been postponed until 2021 because of current health concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.?
The rank that sports columnist Ken Thompson gives Rick Mount for Purdue players in the 1960s. In a column that appeared in The Times on Wednesday, Thompson explained that Mount led the Big Ten in scoring all three of his varsity seasons and earned first-team All-Big Ten honors three times (freshmen were not eligible for varsity play in the 1960s). His junior season, Purdue went 23-5 and won the Big Ten championship for the first time since 1940. His game-winning shot against Marquette sent Purdue to the Final Four.

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sugary drinks a day is all it takes to increase your risk of diabetes by 25 percent!

The number to fireworks that will be shot off at the annual 4th of July show at Geist. It has been canceled this year, thanks to the pandemic.

How many Pet Wellness Clinics after the latest one opens in Carmel on July 6.

The number of people allowed per vehicle for Ruoff Music Center’s new Live From The Drive-In show coming in July. Among others, Brad Paisley will be performing.

Number of COVID-19 cases found so far in Hamilton County, according to the State Health Department

How many people in Hamilton County who have lost their lives to the pandemic

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, that’s how many Hoosiers have been diagnosed with the virus.

How many Hoosiers have died because of this pandemic.

According to the CDC, that’s how many Americans have been diagnosed with the virus.

How many Americans have lost their lives to the pandemic