Dale Unger, Kidsight Chairman
Dale Unger, Kidsight Chairman
Lion Dale Unger, Chairman of the Kidsight Eye Testing recently reported the results for this past year to the club. Dale, and other Lions, spend many hours setting up and running these eye tests at the local schools.
Testing eyes of preschoolers is a major goal of the Lions Club. Good eyesight is a major requirement for successful learning. The eye testing is a specific test to determine if the child has an overall eyesight problem. If a problem is detected, the child is referred for further testing. This testing is done in association with the individual schools.
2019-20 Year Results:
Testing Locations: 14
Kids Tested: 402
Kids Referred: 20
Normal year testing results in many more children. Because of the COVID disease issue, the club lost 4 months of testing.