The largest conservative seniors’ organization, the Association of Mature American Citizens, has undertaken a national petition drive to pursue apparent election fraud and an accurate vote count in six states – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia.
Bob Carlstrom, president of AMAC Action, the organization’s senior advocacy arm, said that support of the President and his re-election campaign’s quest to ensure an accurate vote count is vital. He pointed out that plausible allegations have been made that voter fraud was rampant in this year’s general election and that warrants a full scale investigation. “Failure to probe is unacceptable. It would be like a police department refusing to investigate a major crime.”
Carlstrom added that the petition is available for anyone to sign and that AMAC is encouraging the association’s 2.3 million members, their family members, friends and neighbors to take part in this initiative. He said that the petition is accessible online at 
“Tens of thousands of Americans – both AMAC members and non-members – are responding daily. Several other organizations and media outlets have also joined in, sending the petition to their respective followers and it will continue for several more days to enable concerned citizens to join in the effort.”
AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber said: “Millions of Americans, AMAC members and non-members, are angered and disgusted with this apparent corrupt partisan assault on our Constitution and the voting rights of all Americans. The right to vote and to have it counted lies at the core of our freedom. Millions of men and women, since our nation’s founding, have sacrificed their lives and health to defend our freedom and the right to vote. We stand in support of   the President’s demand for non-partisan audits and judicial reviews of the pending legal actions alleging fraud and other serious irregularities in the 2020 election.”
AMAC’s call for a petition notes that “The Electoral College still has not undertaken the formal process of deciding the next President. Until all legal options are exhausted, and a new President is chosen by the Electoral College, President Trump deserves the due process that is legally afforded to him.
‘AMAC is fighting this assault on the Constitution by the Left and encourages you to sign this petition. Please ensure that your demands to count all the legal votes and preserve our foundational right to fair and free elections is received at every level of federal and state government.
“AMAC will share this petition with states Governors, Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, state legislators and members of the US House of Representatives, US Senate, US Attorney General William Barr, and the Department of Justice.”