Tuesday, November 30

Keeping work and holidays on thankful track

By Tim Timmons

Is it really the middle of November? Is Thanksgiving really less than two weeks away? Life imitates business around the holidays, I think. The time just seems to go faster and faster!

But let’s focus a bit on politics for a second – I know, I know, but bear with me please. No matter which side of the aisle you’re rooting for, you’ve got to admit that passions seem to be approaching all-time highs. Maybe everyone is upset, but it wasn’t all that long ago that the big sentiment in politics was apathy.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get that kind of passion every day at work?

Maybe we can. But it’s a two-way street.

And it ties directly into November.

Nov. 14 is the 318th day of the year. By the time Thanksgiving gets here on the 25th, there will only be 36 days left until we ring out the old and ring in the new.

So this is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. This most American of holidays seems to be getting the short end of the stick nowadays. After all, Christmas decorations have been in many stores for more than a month. Halloween has become bigger than ever. It seems like we go from summer to Halloween to Christmas to colder than a brass bell on an ice pole.

Thanksgiving meanwhile patiently waits.

And that gets us back to the two-way street toward passion at work.

Life at work and at home is way too hectic. Families are much more spread out. Rather than living just down the street, or maybe across town, families live in different states. Traditional get-togethers become fewer and fewer. Just my opinion, but we all lose in that translation.

Maybe there isn’t much you can do about all of that in your personal life, but there’s certainly something you can do in your professional live. Why not take November and dedicate it to your employees? Let them know how thankful you are for what they do. Go out of your way to say thanks on a personal level to each person who reports to you. Talk to them. One on one. Look them in the eye. Make sure they know you’re sincere and tell them you’re thankful to be on the same team with them.

It’s a two-way street though. If you work for someone, let them know that you are thankful for them and for the company that pays you. In today’s world, jobs aren’t as secure as they used to be. Someone somewhere has made a decision that means you still have a job. It’s not an entitlement. Be appreciative.

If employees and employers take a little time and appreciate what each is giving and what each brings to the table, both will benefit. And that means the business will benefit, too.

Next week: More to come

Business Playbook is written by Tim Timmons. Timmons’ book, Coaching Success: Creating Champions for the Business World is available at www.tim-timmons.com.

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