Saturday, November 27

HHSC crafting inclusive culture

Last Thursday, the Northern Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce held its annual State of the Schools meeting. It is a fantastic opportunity for the two northernmost school districts to update members of our local business community about district activities and student achievement. We typically select something really cool to highlight that is central to our mission. This year, it just seemed timely to bring in members of the Hamilton Heights United Flag Football team to share the impact of their first year playing together. Listening to these students share their sense of belonging and participating was an incredible testament to the many benefits afforded to everyone through a culture of inclusion.

Speaking of culture, I want to give a shout out to our HHSC Counseling team which consists of Tricia Rudy, Nikki Wert, Sabrina Duncan, Chelsea Pacheco, Rebecca Johnson, and Jessica Cantlon. These counselors are dedicated to creating a culture of unwavering support and positivity throughout our campus. At our first Superintendent Advisory Group Meeting earlier in the month, these skilled and passionate professionals highlighted their role and function, impactful programs, services, and how parents can work in tandem with our schools as part of a strong safety network for our children and their families.

Because our schools play a significant role in the health and well-being of our students and staff, I am grateful that we have this team of professionals who continue to make a significant difference in the lives of our students that extend well beyond their school days at Heights.

Our latest HHSC Monthly Update, Volume #72, has been posted and it might be the best one ever! It features a massage chair, Meals on Wheels, a scary picture of a snake, amazing HHHS mentors, and HHHS students that can drive skid steers. To view, go to:

Our own Eric Fisher reunited with Chad Sutton (Garrett High School) and Julia Polston for the first of a two-part series featuring industry workforce development efforts on ICI Digs Deep. Eric and Chad share the latest on their respective trades programs since August 2020. To listen go to:

October is National Tackling Hunger month. Hamilton Heights students and staff have a long history of partnering with local organizations to combat hunger all year long. Whether it is through student-organized food drives, helping with Meals on Wheels, filling backpacks with essentials to help students in need get through the weekend, our onsite student-run food pantry, or having some of our CTE students build outdoor food pantries to help the growing Feeding Team project – there is a lot of good going on to make sure no one in the community goes to bed on an empty stomach.

It is through this spirit of collaboration and partnership that we often see the transformative effect of our schools on our communities. Thank you for your partnership and support. #WeAreHuskies

Dr. Derek Arrowood is the Superintendent of the Hamilton Heights School Corporation.

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