Sunday, November 28

Big Cicero Regional Joint Drainage Board receives $3.2 million grant

The Big Cicero Regional Joint Drainage Board has been awarded a grant over $3.2 million to construct the bank stabilization project along Big Cicero Regional through the City of Tipton. This critical project will reduce erosion and flooding along the Regional.

Christopher B. Burke Engineering’s Director of Engineering, Jenny Leshney, played a critical role in this initiative as the Big Cicero Regional Joint Drainage Board’s Project Manager. Leshney assisted the board in applying for the grant.

“This is a huge initiative for the residents of Tipton. Anytime we can reduce flooding and erosion — we’ll do our best to get the job done. This project will begin construction in November, and will be completed in early fall of 2022,” said Hamilton County Commissioner and Big Cicero Regional Joint Drainage Board member, Mark Heirbrandt.

The Big Cicero Regional Joint Drainage Board regulates all issues that pertain to Cicero Regional from Boone County thru Hamilton County including Tipton and Clinton Counties. They also set all fees for the watersheds that flow into Cicero Regional. The board meets on an as-needed basis to solve drainage issues.

“It’s great to see that we are finally moving forward on a project that will significantly reduce flooding issues in the City of Tipton.Thanks to a grant, this project will move forward with less local taxpayer dollars.Hopefully this will be the first of many projects that will reduce flooding throughout the Big Cicero Creek Watershed,” said Brad Bagwell, Board President of the Big Cicero Regional Drainage Board

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