Tuesday, November 30

Celebrate Indiana Extension Homemakers Association Week

Oct. 18 through Oct. 23, 2021 is Indiana Extension Homemakers Association Week to honor the service and accomplishments of its members. The Hamilton County Commissioners issued a proclamation celebrating Indiana Extension Homemakers Association (IEHA).

Are you interested in saving at the grocery store, learning new skills, or being better organized? Do you like to help with community service projects? Hamilton County Extension Homemakers may be right for you. The association consists of over 8,000 active members in 87 counties of Indiana endeavoring to improve the greatest institution in the world -“the HOME”.

As an Extension Homemaker you have opportunities to:


– Meet with friends and neighbors in educational and social settings.

– Share experiences and information on family living and special interests.

– Keep up-to-date on new knowledge and research.


– Experience personal growth and develop skills.

– Form lasting friendships while sharing leadership responsibilities for programs and projects.


– Make a difference in today’s world.

– Support projects that help children and families live better lives.

For more information on the state organization, visit www.IEHA-families.org. There are 10 Extension Homemaker clubs in Hamilton County. To find a club in your area, contact Purdue Extension Hamilton County at 317-776-0854 or visit www.extension.purdue.edu/county/hamilton.

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