Tuesday, November 30

HHSC Drama Department presents You Have the Right to Remain Dead

Members of the Hamilton Heights High School Drama Department cordially invite the community to attend its live production of You Have the Right to Remain Dead by Pat Cook. The play is being directed by Hamilton Heights Theatre teacher Brooks Myers in collaboration with her theatre class.

Did a member of the cast do it — or did someone in the audience? And just who was murdered, anyway?

In You Have the Right to Remain Dead, the narrator takes us to visit a small community theater group staging a play set in the Deep South. The play’s characters are all in an uproar because Fat Daddy, the patriarch of the family, is about to change his will.

When a murder occurs, everyone becomes a suspect — including the cast, crew, AND the audience — and everyone has a part in finding the killer.

The play, being produced by the Hamilton Heights High School Drama Department, brings together the best elements of comedy, intrigue, mystery, and audience participation in this murder mystery. This production is the theatre arts class’s class project. The students in the class make up the cast and crew. They have had a hands-on learning experience by taking part in all the responsibilities of putting on a show including sets, costumes, props, lights, sound, and so much more.

Cast & Crew: Amber Lane, Hannah Beechler, Kenna Potts, Tanner Orton, Tabitha Rowland, Caroline Stone, Abbie Lennis, Colleen Ginnan, Casper Wanczyk, Anna Kauffman, Shamar Stapleton, Zoie Butcher, Maggie Pache and Jules Stewart

WHO: You Have the Right to Remain Dead by Pat Cook

WHAT: Hamilton Heights Drama Department Fall Play

WHEN: Friday, 7 p.m., Saturday, 7 p.m. and Sunday, 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: HHHS auditorium Tickets: $5 and will be sold online only at  https://www.hhschuskies.org.

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