Sunday, November 28

Noblesville Board of Public Works and Safety

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021 – 9 a.m.

Proposed Agenda

City Hall Council Chamber

Board of Public Works and Safety

Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Petitions or comments by citizens who are present

Approval of Agenda

Bid Opening: 156th Street & Boden Road Roundabout Project Quote Opening: Carrigan Road Bridge Lighting Project

Consent Agenda

For Approval

#1 Approval of Minutes: Oct. 12, 2021

#2 Board to consider the 2022 holiday schedule for civilians, police patrol, and firefighters (Holly Ramon)

Contracts/Purchases Under $50,000

#3 Contract with Taylored Systems for purchase and installation of security cameras and door access controls for The Police Annex at 501 South 9th Street (James Yost)

#4 Contract with Taylored Systems for purchase and installation of door locks for Forest Park Inn and Lodge (Brandon Bennett)

Previously Discussed Item

#1 Board to consider agreement with Buckland & Associates for appraisals of all city-owned buildings (Jeffrey Spalding)

New items for discussion

#1 Board to consider an agreement with Sondhi Solutions for the Discovery Phase of a Request for Proposals for an Enterprise Resource Planning Platform for the Office of Finance and Accounting (James Yost)

#2 Board to consider approval of special purchase for de-escalation training simulator and equipment for police department (Deputy Chief Shannon Trump)

#3 Board to consider approval for emergency rental of a backup generator for the Wastewater Utility (Gene Stafford)

#4 Board to consider services agreement with Wessler Engineering, Inc. For Task Order No. 2 (Karrie Hutson)

#5 Board to hear an update on the ceremony honoring George Dale at Riverside Cemetery (Evelyn Lees)

#6 Board to consider a permanent encroachment agreement for 7160 Spayside Drive (Rina Neeley)

#7 Board to consider reopening the east/west alley on the north side of The Levinson and closing the south alley to vehicular traffic (Patty Johnson)

#8 Board to consider acceptance of Parcel No. 3 for Stony Creek Trail Project (En-313-03) (Andrew Rodewald)

#9 Board to consider acceptance of Warranty Deeds for Pleasant Street, Phase 1

Project (En-231-13) (Sacha Lingerfeldt)


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