Saturday, November 27

Noblesville Police Department provides package theft prevention tips

With the Holiday season approaching, we want to remind our residents to be aware of uptick in package thefts. Every holiday season, we have a rise in reports of these types of thefts. NPD would like to provide you with some preventative tips:

  • Take advantage of package tracking – when you see that a package has arrived, immediately remove it from outside of your residence when possible
  • Install a video doorbell – this is a most popular deterrent to protect your home and several different companies provide reasonably priced options
  • Have your package delivered to Amazon Lockers or Utilize Amazon Key – many times you cannot control when your package will be delivered, but major companies like Amazon provide convenient ways like these to protect your package
  • Invest in a porch lockbox – another way to protect your packages is to invest in a porch lockbox, but it may not be the most affordable option
  • Require signature on delivery – most delivery companies will give you the option to require a signature upon delivery of your package is the safest way to ensure your package is not stolen
  • Advertise you have a home security system – even if you cannot afford the security system itself, placing a sign that advertises you have one will deter many thefts and burglaries

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