Tuesday, November 30

Sheridan fourth graders visit the museum

Photo courtesy of the Sheridan Historical Society. Volunteer museum guide Fred Sturdevant talks about the 1908 Black motorcar display with a fourth-grade student visitor.

Every year, except for last year, our Covid-19 year, Sheridan fourth graders make a field trip to uptown Sheridan and visit three locations: the library, Veterans Park, and the Historical Society’s Museum. At the library, the children learn about Andrew Carnegie’s gift to world public library movement and other related library facts and famous people. At the park, they learn about early pioneer life like making cider and shelling corn. And at the museum they get to see all the displays of old fashion stuff.

Library people take care of the library end of the field trip and Sheridan Historical Society people take care of the park portion and the museum portion. This year saw four classrooms with chaperons and teachers along with eighty-nine fourth graders make the trek.

Sheridan Historical Society volunteers are eager to show off the new Stephenson Family Cultural Center and museum to community members including children. Fourth graders spend their academic year studying Indiana history and it is important for them to see the role that Sheridan people, businesses and organizations have played in the development of the local community.

The museum is located at 315 South Main Street in beautiful uptown Sheridan.

Normal visiting hours are 1 to 4 pm on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and we can be open by appointment if you call ahead (317-758-5054) and make arrangement. The Cultural Center can also accommodate small groups for meetings and catered meals.

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