Saturday, November 27

Westfield Washington Schools

Westfield Washington Schools

Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021

Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Regular Board Meeting

7 p.m.

Westfield Middle School, Large Group Instruction Room

345 W Hoover St., Westfield

1. Call Regular Meeting to Order

A. Determine if Quorum is Present

B. Welcome Public to Meeting

C. Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance

2. Building Reports and Student of the month

A. Carey Ridge Elementary, Andy Hilton, Principal

B. Maple Glen Elementary, Mary Beth Riley, Principal

C. Oak Trace Elementary, Jane Hitch, Principal

D. Monon Trail Elementary, Dana Dietz, Principal

E. Shamrock Springs Elementary, Robb Hedges, Principal

F. Washington Woods Elementary, Tom Hakim, Principal

G. Westfield High School, Alicia Denniston, Principal

H. Westfield Middle School, Mike Hall, Principal

I. Westfield Intermediate School, Annette Patchett, Principal

3. Public Comment on Agenda Items

A. Public Comment

4. Consent Agenda

A. Approve Board Minutes

B. Accounts Payable Vouchers – Oct. 13, 2021-Nov. 9, 2021

C. Approve Payroll Register and Payroll Deductions

D. Personnel Report

E. Motion to approve Consent Agenda as presented

5. Curriculum Update

6. Business Update

7. Personnel Update

8. Operations Update

9. Communications Update

10. Other Business and Information

11. Policy and Guideline Considerations

12. Committee and Community Reports

13. Board Members and Superintendent Success Stories

A. Success Stories


A. Dec. 14, 2021 – Westfield Middle School


A. Adjourn

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