Letter to the editor: Marilyn’s Place needs help

We, at Marilyn’s Place, would like to reach out to you, concerning our present situation. Since opening our doors on Aug. 1, 2020, MPI has been fortunate to be able to serve over 96 families and groups, representing over 212 adults and children. And our client base is growing day by day!

We have donated clothing and other goods to numerous organizations, including homeless outreach programs, and MPI has provided tens of thousands of dollars in clothing and other goods for our patrons.

The community-at-large has been very gracious and supporting, donating all of the clothing and goods that we provide free for persons in need of assistance.

Unfortunately, we have struggled to pay rent, and Marilyn’s Place has been notified that if we cannot pay our outstanding balance of $11,000 by Dec. 31, we will have to vacate our current premises at 1106 S. 8th in Noblesville.

If there is any way you could help us reach out to our friends and neighbors in the Hamilton County area, we would be eternally grateful. At this time, we are seeking a suitable space, preferably donated, to which we could relocate.

For more information about what we do, please visit our website;

Thank You,

Glenn M. Conn