JANUARY 18, 2022

1. Docket No. PZ-2020-00081 DP/ADLS: The Steadman Apartment Community at The Bridges.

2. Docket No. PZ-2021-00247 V: Bridges PUD Z-550-11 Sec. 13.9.D: Right-in/Right-out access only onto

111th St., Full Access onto 111th St. Requested

The applicant seeks site plan and design approval and one variance for a new apartment community consisting of 260 units in 5 buildings. The site is located at the northeast corner of Springmill Road and 111th Street, on about 12.5 acres. It is zoned The Bridges PUD, Ordinance Z-550-11. Filed by Jim Shinaver and Jon Dobosiewicz of Nelson & Frankenberger on behalf of Cityscape Residential, LLC.

Project Overview:

The Petitioner seeks site plan and design approval for a new apartment community as allowed under the Bridges PUD. North of this site is the Market District grocery store. West of the site across Springmill Rd. are the Williams Mill and Heritage at Springmill subdivisions; south of this site across 111th Street is the Spring Mill Place subdivision. East of the site is undeveloped land in the Bridges PUD. Please see the Petitioner’s information package for more information.

PUD Standards this project MEETS:


• 300 Apartments allowed in Office and Residential

Use Block, 260 apartments proposed

• Amenity Area required

Parking – car:

• 1.5 spaces per Dwelling required, (390 spaces needed, 404 provided)


• 20 ft. greenbelt buffer along 111th St. and Springmill Rd.

Exhibit 5 – Development Standards:

• Minimum building setback from Springmill – 50’ allowed, 56’ proposed

• Minimum building setback from Illinois – 50’ allowed, 210’ proposed

• Maximum building height adjacent to Springmill 38’ or 3 floors, 38’ and 3 floors proposed

• Max. building height when setback 200’ from

Illinois – 60’ allowed, 60’ proposed

Exhibit 6 – Architectural Standards:

• Prairie style architecture required and provided

• Residential building mass will be varied by integrating individual porches approximately every 30 lineal feet.

• All rooftop HVAC equipment shall be screened from view.

• Materials located in close contact with the public shall be more authentic in character (i.e. masonry)

PUD Standards NOT MET, therefore Variances may be required:

Site Access:

• Access to Office and Residential Use Block from 111th Street shall be a right-in/right-out configuration. Variance requested to allow a full access onto 111th St. with a mini roundabout.

Site Plan and Engineering:

The proposed site plan has a 3-story building facing Springmill Rd. with the clubhouse in the middle and three 5-story buildings interior to the site. There are also 6 detached 1-story garage buildings and a pool on site. A detention pond is located along the south boundary, adjacent to 111th St. A landscape buffer is shown along both Springmill Rd. and 111th St. Access to the apartments will be from an entrance off of the private street to the north and from a new private street running north/south along the eastern boundary of the site. This street will connect to 111th St. at the intersection of 111th St. and Springmill Ln. The Bridges PUD Concept Plan shows this street connecting to 111th St. further to the west and being a right-in/right/out. The Petitioner has requested a variance to allow this to be a full access point onto 111th St. The City Engineer has requested a mini roundabout for this location and is still reviewing the design. The Petitioner worked with Staff to reorient the pool to be interior to the site instead of along Springmill Rd. They also moved buildings 4 and 5 so that the buildings provide more front facades along the new north/south street. Parking is required at 1.5 spaces per dwelling unit. 390 spaces are required and 404 spaces are proposed.

Engineering review will continue as the project moves through the Plan Commission process. One item that needs to be addressed with the Engineering Dept. is to discuss how drainage for the site to the east will be handled since this project will be using the existing drainage pond.

Active Transportation:

There is path along Springmill Rd. and the private street on the north side of the project. The Petitioner will be installing path along the north side of 111th St. Sidewalks from the Apartment buildings will connect to the path along Springmill Rd. The petitioner is continuing to work with the City’s Active Transportation Coordinator to provide appropriate pedestrian access throughout the site and the parking lots. A sidewalk is shown on the west side of the new north/south street and staff has asked for sidewalk to be installed on both sides of the new street. 42 short-term (outdoor) and 83 longterm (indoor) bicycle parking spaces are provided on the plans. Petitioner, please provide a bike parking analysis to ensure the minimum bike parking standards are met. It appears Building 3 does not have any long-term bike parking.

Architectural Design:

The proposed building is designed to complement the Prairie architectural style, which is required by the Bridges PUD. The building materials will be a cultured stone along the bottom portion of the buildings, some brick, and fiber cement panels and trim in the upper portion. The buildings have inset balconies for the apartment units, which help break up the façade and provide privacy for residents. The Department is still reviewing the revised elevations and has requested a perspective of the buildings at night along Springmill Rd. There will be a trash compactor and recycling area attached to the north end of Building 1. They will be enclosed on all four sides and blend in with the architecture of the building. Petitioner, will there be a roof over the trash and recycling?


More details regarding lighting fixtures on the buildings are needed. Street lighting is proposed along the new north/south street and within the parking lots. All site and street lighting shall be of a uniform design throughout the Bridges PUD. Parking lot lights are limited to a height of 25 ft.


Per the requirements in the PUD a 20 ft. greenbelt buffer along Springmill Rd. and 111th St. is proposed with the existing berm. The Urban Forester is reviewing the landscape plan to ensure the trees and plantings in the buffer meet the requirements. Street trees are shown along the west side of the new north/south street. Internal parking lot plantings will be provided as will landscaping and native plantings around the pond. Building base landscaping will be placed around all sides of a building without garages. The Urban Forester is reviewing the project and waiting on revised plans.


The signage is still being reviewed. 1 entrance sign facing the private street to the north and 1 entrance sign facing the private street to the east is proposed as well as one directory sign facing Springmill Rd. and one facing 111th St. The Entrance signs will be limited to 6 ft. tall, and the directory signs are limited to 5 ft. tall. A Canopy Sign facing Springmill Rd. is also proposed, as well as a Blade Sign on the south side of Building 2. Petitioner, please provide an elevation showing the blade sign on the building.

DOCS Remaining Comments/Concerns:

1. Revised engineered plans need to be submitted to TAC members

2. Engineering Dept. approval and drainage discussion

3. Urban Forester approval on landscape plan

4. Provide bike parking analysis to ensure bike parking standards are met

5. Review revised architecture. Elevation at night of buildings on Springmill Rd.

6. Signage approval


The Department of Community Services recommends the Plan Commission forwards this item to the Residential

Committee meeting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 for further review.

3. Docket No. PZ-2021-00217 DP/ADLS: 4810 Northwestern Drive – Building Addition.

The applicant seeks site plan and design approval for a new auto repair building (9,600 sq. ft.) on 3.5 acres. The site is located at 4810 Northwestern Drive. It is zoned I-1/Industrial and is not located within any overlay zone. Filed by Charlie Mattox of Crossroad Engineers on behalf of the owner.

Project Overview:

The Petitioner proposes to build a new auto repair building. The site is located on the Hamilton County/Boone County line. All surrounding properties on the Hamilton County side are zoned I-1/Industrial. To the west on the Boone County side is the continuation of Mayflower Park Drive and other industrial sites. Please see the Petitioner’s Information Packet for more details.

UDO Standards this project MEETS:

I-1 Industrial District:

• Use – Auto/Truck repair permitted

• Minimum Front Yard Setback – 15’ required, 119’ existing

• Side Yard Setback – 5’ required, 50’ proposed south and 81’ proposed north

• Rear Yard Setback – 15’ required, 30’ proposed to the next building, about 290’ to the northeast property line

• Maximum Lot Coverage – 90% allowed, 56% proposed

• Maximum Building Height – up to 60’ allowed, 25’6” proposed

Article 5 – Development Standards:

• Commercial landscaping plan Approved by Urban Forester

• Parking – 2 spaces per bay required – 8 bays proposed = 16 spaces required and provided

UDO Standards NOT MET, therefore Variances/Waivers are required:

• Article 5.28.E.2. – Waiver or variance for not curbing the perimeter of the parking area for stormwater collection will be requested in the near future

Site Plan, Parking, and Engineering:

The new building will be placed to the southwest of the existing building. Parking will be extended in front of the building (on north side). 16 new spaces will be provided. A new detention area will be created along the north property line. The entire property is at 56% lot coverage, which is within the 90% allowed in the I-1/Industrial District.

The Petitioner is actively working with the Engineering Dept. to make sure the site meets the Park Northwestern master drainage plan. The Petitioner’s goal is for no net increase in stormwater. There is a wetland/platted variable drainage easement along the west parcel line, which they are trying to stay away from and not impact. A waiver or variance will be requested in the near future for the absence of curbs in the parking lot, in order to direct drainage to the wetland area/platted variable drainage easement area.

Active Transportation:

A 10’ asphalt path is shown along the building’s frontage on Mayflower Park Drive. Two bicycle parking spaces are provided near the new entrance to this building. New sidewalk will be installed in front of this new building, along with an ADA compliant route to the path along Mayflower Park Drive. The Alternative Transportation Coordinator has approved the proposed plans.

Architectural Design:

The building design will be a combination of primarily split face concrete masonry unit (CMU) and metal panel. At the entrance to the building, fiber cement panels are proposed to create an accent area and identify the entrance. There will be windows and decorative light fixtures surrounding the entrance. The building to the northeast is all CMU. The building is one story tall at 25’6”. The roof will slope to the southeast and be screened behind the parapet walls, constructed of a standing seam metal roof system. Rooftop mounted HVAC units will be screened with additional metal panels. This building is not located in any overlay zone, so there are no specific architectural standards to follow.


Wall pack style lights are proposed for the exterior of the building and will be installed at approximately 17’ tall. More decorative light fixtures will be installed around the entrance at about 6’ tall. No parking lot pole lights are proposed. Petitioner, please provide a photometric plan to show lighting footcandles at the property lines. The limit allowed is 0.3 footcandles.


New building base plantings will be included along the south entrance to the building. Trees and shrubs will be added at the entrance off Mayflower Park Drive. Lastly, parking lot perimeter trees and shrubs have also been added. The wetland area will remain undisturbed. The Urban Forester has approved the landscaping plans.


No new signage is proposed at this time. If signage is sought, it may be applied for and approved through a sign permit application.

DOCS Remaining Comments/Concerns:

1. Apply for waiver or variance for no curbs in the parking lot

2. Provide photometric plan

3. Address any remaining Project Dox comments from TAC members


The Department of Community Services recommends the Plan Commission sends this item to the Commercial Committee meeting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 for further review, and gives the Committee final voting authority.

4. Docket No. PZ-2021-00249 SW: Reserve at Springmill, Cul-de-sac Waiver – UDO Sec. 6.09: Max Cul-desac Length 600 ft., 696 ft. Requested.

The applicant seeks a design standards waiver to increase the length of the Sanner Ct. cul-de-sac to 696 ft. to accommodate the addition of 4 new lots. The site is located at 340 Sanner Ct. and is zoned S-2/Residence. Filed by Duane Sharrer of Weihe Engineers, Inc on behalf of Steve Pittman, owner.

Project Overview and Analysis: The Petitioner seeks a subdivision waiver to extend the cul-de-sac for Sanner Ct. to subdivide 2 large lots into 6 lots at the end of the private cul-de-sac. The property is zoned S-2 and is within the Reserve at Springmill subdivision. To the east, south, and west are single family residential homes developed under the Cluster Housing Ordinance. To the north are properties zoned S-2/Residence and B-1/Business. Please see the Petitioner’s Information Package for more details.

The Primary Plat Amendment for this project was approved at the last Plan Commission meeting, but staff wasn’t aware the waiver for the cul-de-sac length was needed in time for the petitioner to complete notice for that meeting. The UDO limits the length of cul-de-sacs to 600 ft. and the petitioner would like to extend the existing cul-de-sac to 696 ft. This will allow the existing streetscape to continue and the 6 new homes to be built around the new cul-de-sac. The 6 new lots will be of a similar size as the existing lots in this neighborhood, and will match the existing front yard setback of 22 ft. The Department is in support of the waiver as it is a minor increase in length, and it will allow the street to extend and match the existing streetscape for the subdivision.


The Department of Community Services recommends the Plan Commission suspends its rules of procedures and votes to Approve this item this evening.

B. Old Business

1. Docket No. PZ-2021-00160 CA: West Main St. Block C2, Commitment Amendment.

The applicant seeks to amend commitments associated with Ordinance Z-611-16. The site is located at the southeast corner of Main Street and 4th Avenue SW. The properties are zoned R-2/Residence and C-2/Mixed Use District within the Old Town Overlay. Filed by the Department of Community Services on behalf of the Carmel Plan Commission.

Please see the Petitioner’s Info Packet for detailed analysis and request for this commitment amendment.

December 21, 2021 Public Hearing Recap:

The Petitioner gave an overview of the request, stating that the C-2 ordinance has evolved to include the items that were previously in effect through commitments. Members of the public spoke regarding this proposal. There were many questions about the timing of this request. There was confusion as to why it was proposed because the parcels are still under separate ownership. Another resident had concerns about commitments made by the City, then later changed. PlanCommission members had questions about the plan for the area and felt that commitments are needed to protect those who may not be interested in selling/moving. It was referred to the Commercial Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 for further review and discussion.

January 4, 2022 Commercial Committee meeting Recap:

The Petitioner discussed how completing the rezone (by removing the commitments) will help position the properties for redevelopment along West Main Street. The City’s goal has been clear to have that part of the street developed. Committee members questioned the timing. Changes to the C2 district now account for the bufferyard requirements that were made through the commitments. If someone wanted to build a new house on C2, they still can. Staff believes this will be developed more transitionally – maybe townhomes. It was moved to send back to the PC with a favorable recommendation – 2 to 2, vote fails. Mr. Rider changes his vote to get it back to the Plan Commission for additional discussion with a 3-1 favorable vote.


The Department of Community Services recommends the Plan Commission Approves this item.