Carmel Plan Commission (Feb. 2)


Wed., Feb. 2, 2022 Department Report

  1. Docket No. PZ-2021-00177 CP: Carmel Clay Comprehensive Plan Update.

The applicant seeks to update and reformat the Carmel Clay Comprehensive Plan. Filed by the Department of Community Services on behalf of the Carmel Plan Commission.

REVISED PLAN: The REVISED draft Comprehensive Plan is available as a Web App or as a PDF.

Go to to:

  • View and navigate the revised Comprehensive Plan in website form (not annotated to show revisions)
  • View or download the annotated PDF

Meeting date information and links to the plan are also available on the City’s website at


The Department recommends that the Committee review the revisions in the order they appear in the document with the understanding that there may be some cross-referencing discussion with maps.

Note that the proposed revisions are reflected in both the website and the PDF versions. However, only the PDF version is annotated to show where revisions were made. The revisions and corresponding notes are formatted as follows:

  1. Revised text is indicated in magenta. Most revisions were made for purposes of clarification and specificity and include the removal or addition of objectives based on Committee discussion.
  2. Notes are highlighted in yellow and indicate additional information about the text revisions, location of new photos, and list map revisions.
  3. Objectives flagged for scope discussion are highlighted in green. Any deletion or revisions are indicated in the text. See two memos previously distributed in November from the Legal Department and DOCS outlining both a legal viewpoint and the department’s position to continue to maintain broader policies and objectives within the plan.


The Department continues to receive and maintain a spreadsheet compilation of comments received via the “Provide Feedback” form on the website. Comments received since the release of the revised draft are placed at the top of each Section with the comment’s date indicated in red.

The spreadsheet is updated periodically and available for viewing in Laserfiche: PZ-2021-00177 CP: Carmel Clay Comprehensive Plan Update.


The outcome of this meeting will determine if additional Committee meetings are needed before returning to a regular meeting of the Plan Commission. If no additional Committee meetings are needed, then the proposal could return to the Plan Commission as soon as February 15.

See the Next Steps & Upcoming Dates in the Process page of the Comprehensive Plan website. We will also continue to include updates in the city’s weekly newsletter and the department’s website,

Recommendation: The Department of Community Services recommends the Committee set a 2-hour time limit and review the revised draft as time allows. If review is completed and comments and concerns are addressed, the Department recommends the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee forwards this back to the full Plan Commission with a Favorable Recommendation.