Letter: Something Smells Fishy in County Government

Dear Editor,

Yes neighbors, election season is upon us.  We have already done some of our research so we can make informed selections at the poll.  We have also made several of our candidate choices and put their signs in our yard.  Little did we know that this would draw the juvenile reaction of the current President of the Hamilton County Council, Steve Schwartz.

This past Friday, the 18th, during the day while my wife was home alone, she heard multiple voices outside our home from the councilperson’s campaign as they decorated my property with five of their campaign signs.  They had no permission to place these signs.  They had no permission to be on our private property.  They merely placed the orange-colored signs in strategic locations intending to upstage, block, or sandwich our chosen candidates’ signs attempting to make them ineffective.  They intimidated the wrong family.  That said, we choose to show them grace from prosecution for a first offense.  Security cameras are a good thing.  We will contact law enforcement, however, and ask them to contact Mr. Schwartz to personally retrieve his property.  We did learn that we can throw these away since they were not placed with permission.

After experiencing sophomoric antics of the current councilperson first-hand, my wife and I knew that we needed to share our personal experience with the voters of Hamilton County.  Voters should know what we went through.  After decades in office, either entitlement or desperation has set it for this councilperson.  Regardless of which it is, we do not want Mr. Schwartz representing us in office and I believe that many of you don’t either.  Informed voters will boycott his fifth term.

Mr. Schwartz’s behavior is not only wrong, it is revealing.  Character matters in our elected officials. The gall and self-entitlement required to walk onto a homeowner’s private property attempting to block other candidates campaign signs is unbelievable.  This type of behavior from “We The People” servants is repugnant.

We have previously learned that under Mr. Schwartz’s rein, the State Road 37 project is $50 Million ($50,000,000) over budget and still uncompleted.  This councilperson is obviously distracted and more interested in plopping out sign locations than he is watching over how our tax money is being spent.  I expect better behavior from our elected representatives and so should you.  I did not ask to be sign bombed but he chose my family to do this to.

Prior to Friday’s fiasco we have supported both Sheriff Dennis Quakenbush and Mark F. Hall, both constitutionalists, something that should be important to all citizens of Hamilton County.  The attitude and entitlement of Mr. Schwartz tells what we need to know about this county councilperson.  I encourage you to join us in voting for Mark F. Hall for Hamilton County Council and Dennis Quakenbush for Sheriff.

Brad and Deborah Eddy Noblesville