Aspire Announces New Chief Culture Officer

Dr. Gina Forrest

Dr. Gina Forrest has joined Aspire Indiana Health in its new position of Chief Culture Officer (CCO), where she will oversee building the nonprofit healthcare provider’s standing as an inclusive and welcoming organization to its employees and the people and communities it serves.

Forrest is a veteran educator, trainer, researcher and thought leader who has been focusing on inclusivity issues for many years. She previously served as Chief Diversity Officer of the Indiana Supreme Court, lecturer and Director of Workforce Development and Community Engagement at Indiana University and Executive Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Butler University. She also has experience as a clinic manager and health educator.

“My role aligns with the mission, vision and values of Apire because it is all about people, health, wellbeing, transformation and innovation. As the CCO, I will be able to ensure we are supporting our staff who are supporting our clients who live in our communities,” Forrest said.

“I see my job as being able to ‘touch’ everyone in the organization. My role is to focus on our culture – our shared language, our norms, our values.”

Her duties also include supervising Aspire’s human resources, training and marketing departments. Forrest has a bachelor’s degree in general studies, a master’s in public health and a doctorate in philosophy, all from Indiana University.

Aspire President & CEO Barbara Scott and the board of directors have led a transformation of the company’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion issues as societal awareness of systemic racism has risen in recent years. Leaders from every level have undergone bias awareness and other training, formed cultural education committees and set personal goals to work to make Aspire a place of welcoming and belonging.

“We are so excited to have someone with Dr. Gina Forrest’s credentials joining our team,” Scott said. “Hiring her for the new position of Chief Culture Officer represents neither the beginning or the ending of our DEI efforts, but an important waypoint in the ongoing journey to make Aspire an inclusive workplace that serves all with dignity and cultural awareness.”

Aspire Indiana Health is a fully integrated nonprofit health system serving central Indiana that addresses behavioral health, primary medical care, substance use disorders, infectious diseases, deaf services, veteran programs, abused/neglected children and social drivers of health such as housing and employment. Aspire is supported by a strong network of community organizations, state/federal entities and generous benefactors. Those interested in partnering with Aspire in making health and well-being a reality in central Indiana are encouraged to contact us at: info@aspireindi​