Binding the Wounds of War Workshop Hopes to Explore How to Make a Difference in the Lives of Veterans

In 2020, the suicide rate in the military hit a record high as 580 service members in all four branches took their lives. This disturbing fact is one of many that underscores the toll a decade of wars has had on the hearts, souls and minds of our all-volunteer force. Yet the battles have just begun for many veterans and their families as they come home. The need for community caregivers has never been greater.

Bethel Lutheran Church will host a workshop, Binding The Wounds of War, to help clergy, family members and friends, and counselors and caregivers understand the invisible wounds of war. Trained counselors from the Fort Wayne-based Lutheran

Military and Families Ministries will facilitate the workshop from 9 a.m.-noon May 26 at the church, 20650 Cumberland Rd. Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, call Bethel Lutheran Church, (317) 773-4315 or email