What makes London Bramer smile? “When somebody takes my picture,” and “when Daddy does something funny,” said the then 7-year-old Fishers resident, a then homeschooled first-grader. Today’s feature is a look back at one of The Times’ previous Faces of Hamilton County. She was found in 2019 hunting Easter eggs at the Hamilton County 4-H Junior Leaders’ Community Easter Egg Hunt at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Noblesville. Most fun about hunting eggs? “Getting them,” she said. London is the daughter of Greg and Lorene Bramer and has an older brother, Nick. London said she plays the piano and had taken lessons for two years. Favorite song to play? “I think I like them all.” She was also taking gymnastics and ballet. Favorite food? “Macaroni and cheese.” Favorite Disney characters? “Mickey and Minnie.” Favorite animals? “Cheetahs, kangaroos, cats and dogs.” Any pets of her own? “A cat, Dinah, and a (Miki-breed) dog, Ariel.” Last movie she watched? “Dumbo.” Plans for summer break? “Swimming.” This year’s 4-H Junior Leaders Community Easter Egg Hunt will be at 6 p.m. March 20 at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Noblesville. For more Easter happenings, read today’s Betsy Reason column in The Times.

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