Local Author, Nina Hershberger, and Grandson Share Her Newly Released Fishers Kids Park Journal With The Mayor of Fishers

Nina Hershberger, a local author and publisher, hopes to partner with a kid-focused charitable cause group and local businesses to encourage families to get their kids off screens and rediscover the joy of outdoor adventures. She is creating a win, win, win cross promotion to bring increased attention and appreciation to the city parks of Fishers by using her newly released Fishers City Parks Journal which she shared recently with Mayor Scott Fadness.

Hershberger shared her vision and a copy of the journal to the entire Fishers City Council and Mayor.

The purpose of her journal is to promote outdoor exploration of the 24 Fishers parks. The Council and Mayor are very supportive of the effort and encourage a collaboration between Hershberger and the Director of Recreation & Wellness, Jake McSole Accompanied by her grandson, Luke, Hershberger shared an unforgettable moment with Mayor Scott Fadness. The Mayor, known for his commitment to fostering community engagement and supporting local initiatives, expressed his appreciation for showcasing the city’s parks and providing families with a valuable resource to make lasting memories together.

The Fishers Indiana Kids Park Journal offers a structured way for families to discover the natural beauty and recreational offerings of each park in Fishers.

This is the first year for the journal which has been given free of charge (because of the generous donations by local businesses) to a second grade class at Southeastern Elementary, a local neighborhood, and a chiropractic office.

“We are looking to expand how many students/families get copies of the journal next year to use to explore the parks. Every student from grades first through fifth in Fishers visits one of the parks twice throughout the school year. There are approximately 4,500 students in each of those grades. It’s our goal to partner with businesses who’d like to make a difference in kids’ lives by sponsoring the journal to be given to as many of those 4,500 kids as possible”, explains Hershberger.

The Fishers, Indiana Kids Park Journal exemplifies the spirit of our vibrant community, encouraging families to spend quality time together and explore the beauty of our local parks,” remarked Mayor Scott Fadness. “I commend Nina Hershberger for her passion and dedication in creating this remarkable publication, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to celebrate this achievement with her and her grandson, Luke.”

The journal not only has a page for each park for kids to write and journal in, but it includes how to make a leaf collection, 100 other fun things to do, math puzzles and a calendar of free summer concerts around the area for families to enjoy.

In the future Hershberger hopes to host a unique coloring contest where students would fill in a coloring page using nontraditional items like dirt, macaroni, leaf rubbings, etc. No traditional things like markers, pencils, crayons, etc will be allowed. The purpose is to expand their creativity. She is looking to partner with a grocery store to post the entries next year as they come in. Voting will be in the form of donations – all which will be going to the charitable cause.

“I am deeply grateful to Mayor Fadness for taking the time to meet with Luke and I and for his unwavering support of our efforts,” expressed Hershberger. “Fishers, Indiana is truly a remarkable city with its stunning parks, and I loved creating a resource that allows families to explore and appreciate the beauty of these outdoor spaces. I hope the Fishers, Indiana Kids Park Journal becomes a cherished companion for families, fostering a love for nature and creating lasting memories.”