Young, Colleagues Launch Bipartisan U.S. Senate Korea Caucus

This week, U.S. Senators Todd Young (R-Ind.), Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.), Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), and Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) launched the U.S. Senate Korea Caucus to advance and strengthen the relationship and alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea (ROK). The caucus will work across the aisle to advance policies deepening economic, security, cultural, and scientific ties between the two nations. The launch of the caucus also marks the 70th anniversary of the U.S.-ROK alliance.

“I am proud to join Senators Ossoff, Sullivan, and Schatz to establish the new bipartisan Senate Korea Caucus. As threats continue to increase from China and North Korea, it’s critical that the United States’ relationship with Korea is not only active, but strong. This caucus will bolster the U.S.-Korea alliance, develop strategies for countering mutual security and economic threats, and advocate for greater U.S.-Korea cooperation on preserving a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific region,” said Senator Young.

“I am a champion of the U.S.-Korea alliance and Georgia’s 100,000 strong Korean American community. That’s why we’re bringing together Republicans and Democrats to launch the Bipartisan Senate Korea Caucus. I’ve led two successful economic delegations to Korea to attract more jobs and investment to Georgia and will continue to lead on U.S.-Korea relations,” said Senator Ossoff.

“I’ve just returned from Korea where I was promoting our common national and energy security interests, including in the Alaska LNG Project. I look forward to working with my colleagues and the strong, patriotic Korean-American community in Alaska to deepen and strengthen this critical 70-year old alliance,” said Senator Sullivan.

“The Republic of Korea is one of our most important allies. We share a deep commitment to democratic principles, including civil rights, free elections, and press freedom, and we work closely together to protect our citizens against military threats. Our strategic cooperation includes everything from resisting economic coercion to increasing disaster preparedness in the Pacific Islands to eradicating disease in southeast Asia. And commercial ties between our nations support nearly half a million jobs. That’s why we’re launching this bipartisan caucus and why we’re committed to strengthening U.S.-ROK relations,” said Senator Schatz.


The Republic of Korea (ROK) is a major U.S. ally, and 2023 marks the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice and the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1953. For 70 years, the United States and the Republic of Korea have been partners and friends.

The Republic of Korea is the United States’ 6th largest goods trading partner with $127.2 billion in total goods traded during 2020. Korea’s FDI in the United States was $61.8 billion in 2019, supporting over 94,000 U.S. jobs.

In April, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol was invited for a historic Official State Visit in Washington, D.C., honoring the strong ties between the two nations and pledging to work closer together going forward.