Inaugural Noblesville Advisory Council On Disabilities Appointments Announced

The seven appointments to the inaugural Advisory Council on Disabilities have been named by Mayor Chris Jensen and the Noblesville Common Council. The council will support the city’s mission to create a more inclusive, supportive and vibrant future in our community where everyone can thrive.

“The advisory council will serve an important role in our community by not only helping increase awareness of challenges faced by persons with disabilities, but also helping shine a light on the value these individuals bring to our community,” said Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen. ”I also want to thank Cecilia Coble for her support and leadership as we created this advisory council.”

The advisory council aims to increase overall community awareness of challenges faced by persons with disabilities and opportunities for support by more effectively mobilizing persons and institutions involved with education, outreach, support, and advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities.

“I’m thrilled to see the launch of the Advisory Council on Disabilities in the City of Noblesville. This group of community members will play a crucial role in fostering a more accessible and supportive community for individuals with disabilities. I look forward to working alongside them to ensure that they are equipped to strengthen the fabric of our community,” Common Council President Aaron Smith said.

The Inaugural Advisory Council on Disabilities consists of the following members:

  • Carrie Hobbs Guiden, appointed by Mayor Chris Jensen
  • Jeff Huffman, appointed by Noblesville Common Council
  • Yolanda Kincaid, appointed by Mayor Chris Jensen
  • Jennifer Kugler, appointed by Mayor Chris Jensen
  • Sean Mason, appointed by Mayor Chris Jensen
  • Jennifer Sell, appointed by Noblesville Common Council
  • Jennifer Wiese, appointed by Mayor Chris Jensen

According to the latest census data, around 8 percent of Noblesville’s 70,000 residents have one or more disabilities. The advisory council will develop a website to provide resources, referrals, and community event information of relevance. The council will also highlight ongoing efforts and initiatives within the city through Janus Developmental Services, Noblesville Schools, Same As U, Noble of Indiana, and other organizations, as well as accessibility to community facilities and autism awareness training by first responders.