5 Weight Loss Tips For Busy Parents

(StatePoint) For parents, juggling the demands of work and home life can no doubt take a toll on physical health. In fact, a Cornell University study of 50 working moms and dads found that more than half turned to unhealthy eating options – pizza, chocolate and fast food, because they were too busy to start a new healthy eating plan.

With the weather changing and kids back in school, there is no better time to focus on your health. Here are five tips to fall back into a healthier routine and conquer your weight loss goals:

Eat enough protein. Protein is the key to feeling full and satisfied, especially when you’re trying to lose a few pounds. That’s why finding a high-protein plan like Nutrisystem is so important. Nutrisystem is easy to follow, and offers a variety of protein-rich meals and snacks that taste great and are made in minutes – a great choice for the busy mom or dad on the go.

With up to 30 grams of protein, Nutrisystem’s Hearty Inspirations meals will control your appetite for up to five hours. With menu items like Sesame Beef & Broccoli and Bourbon-Style Chicken, you’re going to enjoy what you’re eating and lose weight.

Get moving with fun, 15-minute workouts. As a busy parent, finding time to exercise may not be top of mind. Committing to just 15 minutes daily will do wonders for your health and help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. Look for new and exciting workouts to try, such as Pilates, dance and boxing, so that you don’t get tired of doing the same exercises.

You can also get the family involved. Go on an evening walk together or take all the boredom out of exercise and have a dance competition!

Stock your fridge with healthy, seasonal options. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy in-season fruits and vegetables. During the cooler months, you’ll find mouth-watering produce like apples, squash, salad greens, broccoli and Brussels sprouts that will satisfy your tastebuds. If you like trying new things, consider beets. Low in calories and high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium, beets make a great vegetable to add to your grocery list.

Nutrisystem plans allow you to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your day, and offer hundreds of recipes, including some seasonal favorites, on its lifestyle blog, The Leaf.

Plan your menu for the week. You’re busy, so opt for easy, convenient options. That’s where planning your weekly menu using healthy and simple ingredients comes in. Make sure to include variety so you don’t risk getting bored. If you find yourself saying, “I had this last week. I don’t feel like having that again,” you may find yourself ordering takeout.

Another option is to look for a service that will deliver nutritionally-balanced, portion-controlled meals to your door. Nutrisystem offers delicious, easy to prepare options that you can be confident will not only taste good, but help you lose weight.

Prioritize yourself. Being a busy parent can be exciting, but it could also mean having difficulty prioritizing yourself. Write yourself encouraging daily reminders and hang them around your home and workplace. Set aside time to read a book before bed. Do yoga for 15 minutes in your living room to unwind. Finding something new you love – be it meditation, crafting or listening to a podcast – can motivate you to stay committed to yourself.

For more great weight loss tips, healthy recipes and more, check out https://leaf.nutrisystem.com.

Utilizing these simple tips will help you balance your busy work and home life and guide you on your successful weight loss journey. If you slip up, don’t harp on your mistake instead, forgive yourself and start again.