Mayor Scott Fadness Announces Historic Investment In Neighborhood Vibrancy For 2024

Investments include expanded Neighborhood Vibrancy Grants & pilot program to revitalize key neighborhoods

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness has announced a groundbreaking $11.5 million in investments for the upcoming year to bolster the vibrancy of the city’s neighborhoods. The 2024 City budget includes major funding boosts for various community initiatives, notably an increased allocation for the Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant program and the launch of the innovative new Neighborhood Vibrancy Initiative pilot program.

“Investing in our neighborhoods is investing in the heart of Fishers,” said Mayor Scott Fadness. “Through these significant investments we are enhancing community spirit, championing sustainability, and ensuring that Fishers remains a vibrant place for all residents to call home.”


Expanded Neighborhood Vibrancy Grants for 2024

The City of Fishers will accept applications for its 2024 Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant beginning November 1 to provide funding for creative and innovative projects that make the community a more beautiful place to live. With the adoption of the 2024 City budget, the grant’s allocation has seen a significant jump from $100k in previous years to $750k for 2024. The City of Fishers will now also fund 80% of the project cost up to $25,000, requiring participants to contribute just 20% of the total. This marks a substantial shift from the previous 50/50 split of funding.

Homeowners’ associations or neighborhood groups within the City’s limits are encouraged to submit applications at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with funds distributed quarterly. This is also a change from last year when grants were only administered annually in the spring. The expanded timeline opens up opportunities for year-round vibrancy efforts. Deadlines to apply for the 2024 grant are January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31.

Grants can be used to fund a wide range of projects, from entrance landscaping and greenspace preservation to creating community spaces within residential areas. Community engagement initiatives, like community gardens, playgrounds, and communal gathering hubs, are also eligible for funding.

The City encourages residents to consider projects with an environmental impact that promote sustainability, incorporate native species within their landscaping, and provide support for local ecosystems. Previous projects include the transformation of common areas with native landscaping, the installation of new playground equipment and benches, and repurposing pastures into native prairies to enhance biodiversity. A dashboard of past projects is available at Previous grant winners are eligible to apply.

Additionally, the City of Fishers continues to welcome applications throughout the year for its Stormwater Grant Program, which seeks to better local water quality and drainage systems. 

To apply, visit


Neighborhood Vibrancy Initiative Pilot Program

The City of Fishers has also launched an innovative Neighborhood Vibrancy Initiative pilot program to revitalize, enhance, and invest in key areas and neighborhoods throughout the city. This year’s projects include installing new entrance signage for the Sunblest neighborhood—Fishers’ first modern subdivision—designed and created by the Fishers Maker Playground; significant parking lot and trail improvements in the heavily traveled Cheeney Creek Natural Area connecting Heritage Meadows to the park and Fishers Pointe Blvd.; and enhancements within the Brooks Chase neighborhood including a refurbished gazebo in the common area and sidewalk repairs. While most projects are scheduled for completion this fall, sidewalk repairs in Brooks Chase are set for 2024.

To learn more about Fishers’ investments in neighborhood vibrancy, visit