Update #124 from Dr. Derek Arrowood, Superintendent, Hamilton Heights School Corporation 

  March 6, 2024

Update #124 from Dr. Derek Arrowood, Superintendent, Hamilton Heights School Corporation 

We have much to celebrate this month when it comes to the arts (visual arts, music, theater, and dance) at Hamilton Heights. March has been designated by the National Dance Education Organization as “Dance in Our Schools Month,” by the National Association for Music Education as “Music in our Schools Month,” by the National Theatre Association as “Theatre in Our Schools Month,” and by the Council for Art Education as “Youth Art Month.”

The district has long understood the benefit, value, and importance of arts education. We strongly believe that a well-rounded education, including the arts, helps to better prepare our students for success after graduation. The arts are more than an extracurricular activity; they are an essential element to a well-rounded education at Heights with each discipline bringing its own body of knowledge and skills. Arts education and enrichment program opportunities at Heights help increase student engagement, promote leadership, enhance creativity and intellectual skills, and support literacy and numeracy.

Beyond the intrinsic value of artistic expression, studies have consistently shown that students who participate in arts education demonstrate higher academic achievement, improved attendance, and increased civic engagement. The arts instill discipline and perseverance, teaching students the importance of dedication and practice in pursuit of excellence. 

The arts at Heights are thriving with interest and participation thanks in large part to our arts educators and staff who inspire, engage, and help provide our students with life-changing and far-reaching experiences throughout their journey at Heights. They include Mark Snelson (Band-HHHS/HHMS), Billy Cox (Band-HHHS/HHMS), Jill Howell (Choir-HHHS/HHMS), Tara Mueller (Music-HHES), Kylee Woods (Amber Guard-HHHS), Brooks Myers (Theater-HHHS), (Cheri Trachtman (Art-HHES), Erin Goodman (Art-HHMS), and Taylor Myers (Art-HHHS).

I would also like to give a shout out to those in the community for their ongoing support of the arts at Heights through booster clubs, attending our live performances and concerts, and highlighting the works of our student artists in unique ways throughout the community. Two businesses that stand out in their support for the arts are Iris Rubber in Cicero who proudly displays student artwork on the exterior of its building for residents and visitors to enjoy, and The Hamilton County Reporter, which has launched a yearlong Banner/Masthead Art project showcasing the work of Hamilton County elementary and middle school students. Winning selections (top 3 from each school) will be featured for one week a month on the front and inside of the paper (January-December) along with a photo and special press release. Pretty cool for all the young artists featured and an added bonus for readers. Hamilton Heights’ artists will be featured in the paper this month and in April!

Our student’s involvement in the arts can be seen, heard, and felt in creative, imaginative, and colorful ways every day. The transformative power of the arts continues to shape the lives of our students, enrich the fabric of our community and is worthy of appreciation this month and throughout the year. Thank you for supporting our students’ intellectual development through all things’ art at Heights! #WeAreHuskies