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  • Better late than never and celebrating anniversaries
    8/7/2020 My friend Bob Haverstick founded an organization in 2001 known as Never Too Late, which granted some 2,000 final wishes from senior citizens over a period of a dozen years. I had the honor of showcasing many of these requests being fulfilled on my WISH-TV segments. Here are a few of my favorites:
    Albert and Esther had fallen for each other 60 years earlier. Now they were going to fall with each other. Their wish was to skydive for their 60th anniversary.
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  • Time to say goodbye to my time at WISH-TV
    7/31/2020 “How much longer can you do a crazy gig like this?” Marcus Collins, my WISH-TV photographer, asked. It was a subtle reference to both my age (44 at the time) and the nature of the job. In November of 1990, Channel 8 hired me to do live remotes between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. every weekday. Before that, I had hosted a morning talk show on Channel 13, live from Union Station, but when that show was cancelled, it was time for something new.
    “Geesh, who knows?” I remember saying to Marcus. “I really can’t see myself doing this after I’m 50.”
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  • Movies, google searches, viruses and very short leashes
    7/24/2020 Mary Ellen has me on very short leash due to the virus. I am not allowed to go into grocery stores, play Pickleball or even sit indoors with friends to toss back a beer. When I kiss my wife, I have to stand 6 feet away, which is wreaking havoc with my neck.
    One way we are remaining socially engaged is every Saturday at 4 p.m. we Facetime with our friends Jane and John Murphy. We start the hour off by asking each other what we all did the past seven days—which is usually nothing.
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  • The most famous and influential resident of New Rochelle
    7/17/2020 After Part I of my column about famous people who lived in my hometown of New Rochelle, NY, was published last week, my inbox was filled with more names, most of them provided by friends from back home. Many of the additions were surprising to me, like suffragette Susan B. Anthony, and a few I have some indirect connection to:
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  • How is life while living in a petrie dish
    7/10/2020 Carl Reiner has passed. By now you have read countless accolades about this comic genius and have seen dozens of examples of his work. I have little more to add, except that Carl Reiner’s creation, The Dick Van Dyke Show, had a special significance in my life. In the comedy series, The Petries’ suburban home was portrayed as being in New Rochelle, New York—my birthplace and home for 30 years. It’s a bedroom community of 60,000, 20 miles north of New York City. Not only was I born and raised there, but I went back after college to New Rochelle High School to teach from 1969 to 1978.
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  • Would it kill us to go out for dinner once in a while?
    7/3/2020 News websites display a parade of catchy headlines motivating us to click on each link to read more. Then we are overwhelmed by provocative ads persuading us to buy various products. Here are some recent eye-catching examples:
    The Worst Time of Day to Buy Meat
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  • Understanding the value of a good nap and an afternoon walk
    6/26/2020 Something curious is happening to me. It’s the opposite of what I thought would happen when I started spending so much time at home. I hope it’s not anything to be too concerned about, but I’m not napping as much as I used to. For most of my life, if I was on the couch watching a TV show, I’d nod off within five minutes.
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  • Counting 1,000 steps after coming across the wrong way
    6/19/2020 Last year, for my 72nd birthday, my son gave me one of those watches that keeps track of daily steps. It isn’t a fancy Fitbit, with all the bells and whistles, although it does monitor my blood pressure. It doesn’t appear to be very accurate. Yesterday I got several different readings: 190/100, 60/40 and 120/70. I’ve decided to go with the last one because it keeps me alive the longest.
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  • Finding information on what’s bad for you hard to swallow
    6/12/2020 My wife heard a news segment on TV about doctors’ concerns that certain cholesterol-lowering drugs might be responsible for causing memory loss. Mary Ellen asked me if I was aware of this, but before I could give her some wise-guy answer, she issued one of her patented humor warnings: “Dick, you are not allowed to say that you used to know it, but once your LDL went down, you forgot it. And please don’t try to make some stupid joke that ever since you started taking Lipitor, you forgot that double cheeseburgers were bad for you.
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  • Always wear a mask when you go out on a heist
    6/5/2020 In a recent column I wrote, I admitted to my obsession with police shows. Chicago P.D. is my current favorite. I also like Blue Bloods because I am a Tom Selleck fan—maybe too much of a fan. The day after we bought our new house, I applied for a reverse mortgage.
    In that previous column, I mentioned several recurring scenes in these shows that justify some investigation. “Investigation” might not be the right word here, but it’s a good police term. I pondered why criminals are always home when cops knock on the door.
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