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  • Rollin Cutter, 81 today, celebrates 65 years since Milan Miracle of ‘54
    3/20/2019 Rollin Cutter was a sophomore on the 1954 Milan High School Indians basketball team 65 years ago today.
    Playing for injured starter, senior Bob Engel, Cutter was a 6-foot, 1-inch center who was a substitute picked for his size, ball handling, defense and rebounding.
    It was the final game of the Indiana High School Boys Basketball Tournament at Butler Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, with the small Milan underdogs playing the big Muncie Central Bearcats. 
    Cutter was put in the game in the second quarter and played all but the last two minutes of the fourth quarter.
  • Auto Reviews - 2019 Mazda Miata flips its hard lid
    3/20/2019 Back in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show, Mazda ripped souls out of classic European roadsters and planted them in the refreshingly reliable MX-5 Miata – a car that’s become the gold standard for pure sports cars, even rising from student to master while spawning the Fiat 124 Spider. But, the Miata has yet to conquer the near-luxury German roadsters from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. The next front is opened with the MX-5 Miata RF that flips its hard lid.
    I love the Miata’s manual cloth top that can be flipped back with one arm in a fraction of a stoplight, but on the road, it has typical convertible flapping and road noise. Banishing all that is the RF’s coupe roofline with targa top. Unlike the Corvette’s targa roof, which is fully removed and stored in the luggage compartment, the RF’s is a one-button power affair that retracts behind the seats like a folding hardtop. In photos, the RF looks a little frumpy, but in the metal, looks really sexy.
  • ‘NobleMade’ is a winner in re-launch of gift shop
    3/18/2019 Our downtown Noblesville gift shop has re-launched with a new name.
    NobleMade gift shop officially opened with a ribbon-cutting celebration and open house on Friday afternoon.
    The new gift shop name was chosen from public input, after online voting. Other gift-shop name choices were Love Noblesville, Nothing But Noblesville and South Alley Shops.
    “‘NobleMade’ ended up being the clear winner. I think it’s perfect for everything we’re doing,” said Nickel Plate Arts executive director Aili McGill, during the open house. 
    The re-launched gift shop has 35 artisans represented, and 10 different organizations and businesses. “And we’ll know that’ll continue to expand,” she said. “We’re really proud of that.”
  • 3/16/2019 If there’s something on the market that might make my life a little easier, you can bet I’m going to try it. My interest was piqued when I saw a product on Amazon called the EZ Cracker, which is a nifty little mechanism that (the manufacturer claims) takes all the work and mess out of cracking eggs.
    I’ve always had a good relationship with eggs. I’m an over-easy kind of guy, and as a kid my basket always had the biggest haul on Easter morning. But now I was starting to worry. According to the website, breaking raw eggs on the sides of bowls and countertops has had some tragic consequences. Now, for a mere $17.95, I would get a product that guarantees I will never find eggshells in my food again.
  • 3/16/2019 It is the second week of Lent and I am feeling it. So much bad news in the air. I woke on Friday to hear of a terrorist attack in New Zealand of all places, in the city of Christchurch. The news confused me because I kept hearing that it was an attack and murder of 49 people, and many others wounded in Christ’s Church.  The people who were targeted were Muslims during their prayer time. Again, I was confused, what were Muslims doing in a church. For about 15 minutes I had to do a reality check, did it matter if those who were killed were Muslim or Christian? No, not at all, terrorism is terrorism. The people in the mosque that was attacked were innocent. They were fathers, and children, women, friends all gathered to worship God, the Creator, Maker of Heaven and Earth. My soul is just crushed at the continued violence in the name of God. It just is not right on any level.
  • Remembering WWII veteran Stanley Robinson
    3/16/2019 World War II U.S. Navy veteran Stanley Robinson was always someone that I could count on seeing when I attended the Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day ceremonies at the Hamilton County War Memorial on the Courthouse Square in downtown Noblesville.
    He was a proud veteran, a past commander of the American Legion Post No. 45 and displayed the post number proudly on his Legion’s uniform cap. He would sit quietly listening to the ceremony in a metal folding chair placed in a row for veterans and their guests.
    The Noblesville resident served 1932-45, including 1941-45 on the U.S.S. Moffett destroyer, he told me just before his 96th birthday, when I featured him in May 2017 as one of our Faces of Hamilton County on the front page of The Times.
  • Second-graders learn Ag Day lessons
    3/15/2019 What do sheep eat? How many eggs do chickens produce in a year? And what’s the most important piece of gear when horseback riding?
    Those were among the questions asked by the more than 2,200 second-graders who descended upon the Hamilton County 4-H Fairgrounds Tuesday through Thursday for the 33rd annual Ag Day.
    In total, students from 17 public schools and two private schools in Hamilton County attended the day that had classes rotating to a different display or demonstration every 10 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon, all getting a lunch whipped up by Purdue Extension Service staff members.
  • 3/15/2019 Dear Rusty: I am currently 68 and am waiting to take maximum benefits at age 70. I have been retired for 3 and a half years. My wife turned 62 in February of this year. She stopped working around 1994. What is the best way to maximize our SS benefits? Both of us have longevity on our side. My wife’s parents lived into their 80s, her grandmother lived to 96. My mother lived to 84, my father to 98. We are both very active, no big health issues. Signed: Planning Ahead
  • 3/15/2019 A few weeks ago I wrote how stunned I was to stumble across a notice that famous women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony had delivered a lecture in Noblesville in 1879.
    I’d barely gotten over that surprise when I discovered Anthony wasn’t the only prominent member of the women’s suffrage movement to appear here. Belva Lockwood spoke in Noblesville on January 2, 1886. 
    If you’re scratching your head and muttering “Belva who?,” don’t feel too bad. I took an informal poll and none of the people I asked knew who she was, either. That’s a shame because she’s an important figure in United States history.
  • Mayoral candidates focus on ‘Places and Things’
    3/14/2019 Noblesville Mayoral candidate Mike Corbett said the “Places and Things” theme of this month’s Candidate Conversations forum was an appropriate topic.
    “Because some of the places that we cherish and hold dear are under stress these days. Noblesville is unique because we have a sense of our heritage here that a lot of other communities don’t have,” he said. 
    “But we’ve seen what can happen when we aren’t vigilant. We lost our train. We’re about to lose more historic buildings downtown. We nearly lost a part of Seminary Park. We need to be careful that we don’t destroy the very thing that makes us unique,” said Corbett, as he introduced himself, one of four candidates, who offered opening statements on Monday night at the second of three Candidate Conversations forums put on by Noblesville Chamber of Commerce and Hamilton County League of Women Voters.
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