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  • Do COVID-19 bonuses count toward limit?
    1/16/2021 Dear Rusty: I'm 63 and still working, and I receive Social Security benefits. Because of COVID-19 my employer has been giving us a $300 bonus, every 3 months. This will be $1,200 for the year and it will put me over the $18,240 earnings limit for this year. My question is, since these bonuses are COVID-19 related are they still considered earned income? My second question is, if I go over the limit does Social Security stop my check, even if it might be a portion of the check? Signed: Working During COVID-19 
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  • Listen to the old folks, they can teach you something
    1/15/2021 A long time ago, when I was still a young man (which makes it a realllly long time ago), I would often bug those older than me. It seems I had a never-ending list of career questions.
    How do you move up?
    How do you get so many things accomplished?
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  •  Transitioning into the full week of new hybrid learning model
    1/15/2021 EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a weekly column from Hamilton Heights Superintendent Dr. Derek Arrowood. All Hamilton County school superintendents are invited to send The Times similar routine messages. To do so, please contact our publisher at ttimmons@thetimes24-7.com

    The first full week of transition to our new hybrid learning model for grades 5 through 12 went smoothly. In fact, very smoothly. The way our staff and students have embraced this new model is a testament to their support of our efforts to keep students and educators healthy, safe, and in the classroom as much as we can. 
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  • Some memorable Boilermaker games and events
    1/15/2021 By the time you are reading this, the 212th Purdue-Indiana basketball game will have been played. 
    Thursday’s matchup in Assembly Hall will likely not crack anyone’s list of the greatest games in the series. The Big Ten Conference’s two youngest teams have played like it all season. Impressive one night, puzzlingly out of kilter a few days later.
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  • Floss, brush, spit and rinse? Or is it . . .
    1/15/2021 I called my friend yesterday. “Hi, Bob, it’s Dick. I have a weird question to ask you. Mary Ellen and I disagree on what most people do. When you are finished brushing your teeth, do you rinse and spit or just spit?”
    “Geesh, Dick, I have never thought about that until now. I’ll call you back at the end of your column.”
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  • Hamilton County's Black Gold
    1/13/2021 A few weeks ago Diane Whelchel of the newly formed Fishers Historical Society asked if I had any information about the small Fall Creek Township community of Olio. She noted that some Fishers residents called the nearby intersection of 116th Street and Olio Road “Oil Well Corner.”
    I was aware Olio once had an oil well, but that was about all I knew, so I decided to see what more I could find.
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  • Speaking about breast cancer awareness and BSE
    1/12/2021 I failed to release this column during breast cancer awareness month in October. Women are always interested to learn about what they can do to reduce their risk of developing this dread disease. Breast self examination (BSE) is one thing women have traditionally performed, but some readers may have read that this monthly ritual is no longer recommended. 
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  • 2021 GMC Yukon AT4 is no good at autocrossing
    1/12/2021 One of my favorite car magazines essentially called GM’s all-new full-size SUVs losers because they’re apparently not that great on the skid pad. In other words, their grip when being driven like a race car is not good. Well, newsflash, full-size SUVs weighing 5,677 lbs. and packing the underpinnings to rise up and bound over rough trails are rarely very good at autocrossing. 
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  • Throwing out the empties and get rid of reminders
    1/12/2021 A fellow I know was grousing about the past year. 
    His birthday was coming up and he felt, once again, that this year failed to meet his expectations. He was unhappy with the year, unhappy with himself, unhappy with the fact that he’d even allowed himself to hope that 2020, of all years, was going to be better than the previous ones. 
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  • Sound was veep Mike’s recom(Pence)
    1/12/2021 That sound you heard in Washington DC, last Wednesday, wasn’t just the crash of shattering glass, but was the sound of Mike Pence’s political ambitions crashing to the floor.
    Mike Pence, who attached his career to the flaps of a billionaire television star in the hopes of rising to the top spot, has discovered that Donald Trump is willing to drag those coattails through the rising muck. In the meantime, Trump kept his own hair out of the cesspool by staying seated on the back of others.
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