The Interim Study Committee on Education is set to take a closer look at the number of requirements placed on teachers and schools, according to State Rep. Tony Cook (R-Cicero) when it convenes at the Statehouse in the House Chamber at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.
Cook, a member of the committee, said beyond educating students, teachers are required to be trained on criminal organization, blood borne pathogens, suicide prevention, domestic violence and human trafficking. He said the growing number requirements have become cumbersome for schools.
“As a former school superintendent and principal, I understand teachers just want to be in the classroom educating our young Hoosiers instead of spending hours in trainings,” Cook said. “These requirements schools and teachers have to meet were made with good intention, but we need to explore ways to make sure they are getting done in a more streamlined manner.”
This comes after Cook authored a new law earlier this year requesting the interim committee to examine this issue. That legislation passed out of the House and Senate with unanimous support.
The meeting can be viewed live online at This site also provides committee calendars and meeting agendas. Members of the public are welcomed to attend.