Five teams. 30 members per team. Events ranging from lawn darts to bocce. If it sounds like something you might see on a campus, you’d be correct in your assessment. However, in this case, we aren’t talking about college students competing. The campus is a senior living community, and the goal is to get moving in May -- and beyond.

The Barrington of Carmel, a retirement community known for the active, vibrant lifestyle it offers seniors, is home to the “Race to Wellness,” held as part of a partnership with Masterpiece Living®. All month, teams are competing in events at and away from the community, including visits to Topgolf and a local bowling alley.

May 30 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day, but at The Barrington, residents say that’s every day.

“We’re an active bunch,” said resident Sam Preissler, one of the coaches. “The goal is to build new habits that lead to wellness and further the active lifestyles we all lead.”

These competitive crews are battling for bragging rights. Are you interested in joining in on the action by covering the “Race to Wellness” at The Barrington of Carmel? Contact Jeff Bell at 913-317-2243 or to learn more.