The crowds are gone, the zip line is down and the trash has been cleaned up. Super Bowl XLVI is over and only warm memories remain. Well, warm memories and a super pat on the back to the thousands of Hoosiers who made this one of the best Super Bowls in history.

Hoosiers are known for our hospitality. While those of us lucky enough to live here know this to be true, we are wonderfully reminded each and every time our state is put on the national or world stage.

From last weekend to the Indianapolis 500 to the multiple Final Fours and NCAA tournament games to Big Ten championships and beyond, visitors leave with magnificent stories about how well they were treated during their stay.

That has never been more true than this year's Super Bowl. Record crowds were recorded for the NFL Experience. The Super Bowl Village was a huge hit. Organizers for future Super Bowls would do well to take home lessons from what they saw and experienced in our fair state.

There were literally thousands of Hoosiers who deserve credit. Perhaps it all started with former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut some 30 years ago, but that torch has been passed on and carried admirably by a multitude of others. Super Bowl Committee Superman Mark Miles led this effort, but could have accomplished nothing without the fantastic team he helped to build. And that team would have fallen short if not for that famous Hoosier Hospitality that was so much on display from regular folks like you. From bartenders and waitresses, to hotel clerks, to cab and bus drivers, to the regular fan on the street, Indiana once again shined brightly on the biggest sports stage of all.

The world left Indianapolis, Indiana with a super impression of Hoosier Hospitality. No surprise there.