Competency and success are the two deciding factors for why The Times believes John Ditslear should be returned to office.

The two-term Republican has led Noblesville during a time when economic hardships and challenges have befallen many other places. Hamilton County has been somewhat insulated against devastating economic realities that have struck other locales. But, it would be folly to believe that continued success here was a foregone conclusion.

Challenger and Independent candidate Mike Corbett has not offered much in the way of specific plans of what he would do if elected. On his campaign website, his strategic plan addresses topics like economic development, downtown and neighborhood development, amenities and others. In all, he has nine categories where he explains his position in three sentences or less respectively. Like most of Corbett's campaign, there is little substance for voters to assess.

Conversely, Ditslear has a clear track record of leading the city to success after success. He has won the endorsements of Firefighters Local 4416, the Fraternal Order of Police, former Mayor Pat Logan as well as others, including The Times. Corbett has the backing of current City Council member and former Mayor Mary Sue Rowland.

Financially, Ditslear has managed the city coffers very well. The population has grown an astounding 82 percent from the 2000 census to 2010 (28,590 to 51,969). Yet in the last four years the revenue in the city's general fund has remained flat, in part because of decreases in property tax revenues and county option income tax. Yet city services have not been reduced and there are more fire and police staffs on the street than when Ditslear first took office. None of that happened by accident. Although Ditslear would be the first to share the credit with those around him, the fact remains that the city has done well with him in charge.

Ditslear has also done well in the campaign. When dirt and mud began to fly, Ditslear stayed above the fray and did not publicly respond, or even add to the mudslinging himself. It was a fact not lost on Logan who pointed that out in her endorsement.

All in all, John Ditslear brings competency to the table. He brings leadership and he brings proven results from the last eight years.

It is our opinion that John Ditslear has demonstrated with words, deeds and actions that he is, by far, the best choice and deserves the opportunity to continue as Noblesville's mayor.