The Sagamore Athletic Conference is one of Indiana’s oldest and proudest conferences. OK, maybe it hasn’t been around as long as the venerable North Central Conference, which used to be as powerful as the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference is today. But it has a proud past.
The original members – Noblesville, Carmel, Brownsburg, Crawfordsville, Frankfort and Lebanon – formed the SAC in December of 1966. (By the way, for those curious the name came from the Abnaki Indian word for the chief or ruler who exemplified leadership and dignity.)
OK, back to our regularly scheduled content.
The Sagamore crowned its first champions in the spring of 1967, and that began a run that has lasted more than half a century . . . with a few comings and goings. Those goings started with Carmel in 1974. CHS outgrew the SAC and headed off for a bigger playground. Noblesville did the same in ’79 and Brownsburg in ’85. Western Boone, North Montgomery and Southmont high schools replaced those three. Eventually Tri-West and Danville were added when the SAC expanded and that’s where things stand today.
Enough history. Let’s talk about going forward.
For some of us who never finished growing up (or as our wives might suggest, never really started), we miss those days when we were on the fields and courts, competing for All-Conference honors and having a great time doing it. Ask a lot of guys and they’ll tell you that sure, they miss the competition. But what they miss most is the locker room – the camaraderie, the practical jokes, the togetherness.
So here’s an idea.
What if we created a Sagamore Adult Conference? Crazy? Maybe. But here are a few thoughts to ponder.
Let’s see if we can create six teams – the same cities as the original SAC members – and form a baseball league. The age limit would be that you had to be in high school in 1974, the last year Carmel was in the SAC. You could have been a freshman, but the important point is that you have to be of the same time frame as the original Sagamore Conference. That way everyone on the field would be on a fairly equal footing, at least age wise.
Did you have to go to one of the six schools? Probably not.
Each team secures its own home field. Some of those schools might even be able to get back to the same sites teams played at in the 1970s. Anyone want to head to Forest Park?
The regular season would be 10 weeks. Every team plays each other, one game a week for five weeks. There’s a one week break for an All-Star game and then the final five weeks. Maybe there’s a tournament at the end, seeded with the standings from the regular season? The top two teams get byes, with the team finishing third playing the sixth-place team and the fourth and fifth place teams playing.
All in all, the details aren’t that hard to work out – except we might need a top-notch lawyer to draft a waiver that covers heart attacks, broken hips and severely bruised egos. The league fee for each team has to cover expenses – costs of the fields, umpires, etc. Uniforms could be as simple or as fancy as each team wanted . . . I’m guessing Carmel would come up with the most expensive duds – hey, some things never change.
If this worked, then perhaps we could expand to other sports, men and women? Don’t know. (Basketball maybe? Although that would involve running.) At this point it’s just an idea. I’d love to find out if anyone else out there in the 60-ish and older crowd is as crazy as I am. If you are, shoot me an e-mail at and let’s talk.

Focus on Sports was the name for a weekly column Timmons wrote for the Mill Stream back at NHS and at newspapers in Indiana and Texas a few decades ago. It was his tribute to his newspaper hero, Don Jellison. Timmons can be contacted at