On Thursday, Chris Jensen announced his campaign’s public safety priorities as part of the ‘Noblesville’s Next Chapter’ policy platform.
“Noblesville is ready to tackle the next generation of safety issues.” Chris Jensen said, “Our city is ready to fight the opioid epidemic, compassionately and proactively address the state of our city’s mental health, and equip our police, firefighters, and EMS with the tools they need to face these challenges.”
Thursday’s public safety announcement comes after Noblesville’s police officers endorsed Jensen’s campaign earlier this week, and a prior endorsement by Noblesville’s firefighters.
“As a result of listening to, and collaborating and planning with first responders, members of the judicial system, healthcare professionals, and community leaders, we believe Chris has formulated a plan that is the best way forward to keep building a safer Noblesville,” former Hamilton County Superior Court Judges Steve Nation and Dan Pfleging, Co-Chairs of the Jensen for Noblesville Public Safety Committee said in a joint statement.
The ‘Noblesville’s Next Chapter’ policy platform is made up of four key pillars that drive Jensen’s campaign: Transforming Public Safety, Protecting and Enhancing Historic Downtown, Strong and Sustainable Workforce Development, and Smart Infrastructure Investment.
The Transforming Public Safety Pillar focuses on four areas of Noblesville’s safety. Jensen’s outline of the four areas is printed below, in full:
Empowering Citizens: An engaged community is a safe community. Noblesville should explore and invest in new technology to track and stay ahead of crime, while equipping citizens and neighborhood watch groups with tools to stay connected to Noblesville’s public safety professionals.
Forward Thinking Training: People come first. Training and staffing focused relentlessly on Noblesville’s true public safety needs are key to making our city a leader in solving new problems communities across the country are facing.
Partnerships: Streamlining relationships with the county, other cities, and our community health providers gives us strong partners with diverse points of view and expertise that expands the services our community has to offer.
Planning for Tomorrow: Our city is growing. Noblesville’s public safety professionals cannot do their jobs without the equipment and facilities they need. Planning today for long term needs in equipment, training, and fire and police station growth will give us the time and perspective to make smart decisions to ensure Noblesville will have the necessary resources for tomorrow’s public safety needs.