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Carmel Plan Commission

Carmel Plan Commission Comprehensive Plan Review Committee          

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021

Department Report

1. Docket No. PZ-2021-00177 CP: Carmel Clay Comprehensive Plan Update.

The applicant seeks to update and reformat the Carmel Clay Comprehensive Plan. Filed by the Department of Community Services on behalf of the Carmel Plan Commission.

DRAFT PLAN: The draft Comprehensive Plan is available as a Web App or as a PDF.

Go to to:

  • View and navigate the propose Comprehensive Plan in website form
  • Download the PDF

Information is also available on the City’s website at

REVIEW TOPIC: Section 1: Policy Goals & Objectives PDF Pages 11-23

Purpose: To provide a vision for the future by describing general policy direction as we collectively look forward for the next 10+ years.

Origin of Policies: Seven of the eight the Policy Goals proposed in the draft have been carried over from the existing C3 Plan. Certainly, the corresponding Objectives have been refreshed based on experiences, changing conditions and best practices over the past decade.

The new Policy Goal, Improve Mobility Options & Functionality, is intended to recognize the progress made in improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities, whose objectives were previously scattered among other polices. This goal is also intended to focus on emerging transportation needs and technologies as

Carmel continues to grow. While the importance of pedestrian and bicycle-friendliness is foundational to many of the other Policy Goals, and will remain woven throughout, the Department believes that the topic warrants its own Policy Goal.


Spreadsheet: The Department has received several comments via the “Provide Feedback” form on the website.

Enclosed is a spreadsheet compilation of the comments* received thus far (at the time of this report). The spreadsheet will be also be updated periodically and available for viewing in Laserfiche: PZ-2021-00177 CP: Carmel Clay Comprehensive Plan Update.

*Note: Most of the comments have been entered into the spreadsheet verbatim; however, some have been separated into individual rows to help sort comments where specific Objectives have been cited.

Comment Summary: We’ve received a variety of comments and questions relating to the proposed Policy Goals& Objectives. A few general themes are emerging:

  • We’ve heard generally positive feedback on the Policy Goal to Lighten Carmel’s Environmental Footprint, and support to keep building out multi-use path connectivity:
  • Overall concerns surround the potential application of the 20-Minute City concept, particularly how it could affect single-family neighborhoods, and requests for clarification/definition of phrases such as flexible building types, mix of housing options.

In the time leading to the first meeting, the Department continue to review comments and potential solutions or answers to questions.


The Department of Community Services recommends the Committee set a time limit and review Section 1: Policy Goals& Objectives as time allows.

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