Hamilton Heights is #PublicSchoolProud

This week, Hamilton Heights School Corporation (HHSC) joins a nationwide observance in celebrating the vital role that local public schools play in student’s and our nation’s futures. In addition to offering education for children in kindergarten through high school, public schools like Heights, provide meals, special needs support, family resources, and school staff who help children navigate challenges and become successful. In addition, public schools strive to provide equitable access for students of all races, colors, lifestyles, languages, and abilities.
Strong public schools are the building blocks of our democracy and the foundation of success for young people across the country. Public education makes our communities stronger. It is the key to ensuring the future remains bright for the 90% of children who attend public schools. HHSC has been preparing students for successful college and career experiences for over a century. At the same time, it offers unlimited opportunities for students to build character, leadership, citizenship, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among a few that are essential to becoming productive members of society.
Working together to advance the mission of public education will ensure that every child can receive an education that helps them reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves. Let’s continue to make the necessary investments in our public education institutions at all levels for students today and tomorrow.
Please take a moment to thank a teacher, principal, school staff member, coach, counselor, custodian, bus driver, or other HHSC employee for their tireless dedication, compassion, care, and who help maximize opportunities for all children attending Heights.