HHSC Board OKs Change To School Board Districts

At its February 16 meeting, Hamilton Heights School Board of Trustees approved the recommended adjustments in its organization plan involving the way school board members are elected. This process, originally established with the formation of the corporation in 1965, was designed to ensure all areas of the district were represented.

This adjustment was made after county clerks from around the state were notified by the Indiana Elections Division that some districts may not be following Indiana Code (IC 20) which requires that the populations in their districts be equal. This is not a requirement for all school districts but varies depending upon the school board’s organization plan.

Heights will continue to have two members residing in White River Township, two members residing in Jackson Township, and one At-Large member. The individuals seeking a specific seat in Jackson or White River Townships will still need to live in the township they are seeking to represent for at least one year prior to filing to run as has been the case in the past. Going forward to best meet state code requirements while honoring the intentions of the first Hamilton Heights School Board, ALL voters in Jackson and White River Townships can vote for the candidate of their choice regardless of residence.