Artists Bud Colucci and Robert Anderson Visit Coxhall Garden

The first day of spring marks another historical page in the ever evolving story of Coxhall Gardens. Representatives from Friends of Hamilton County Parks, Inc. (FHCPI), Hamilton County Parks and Recreation (HCPR), FHCPI affiliate – Coxhall Guild and Hamilton County Master Gardeners gathered for the installation of yet another work of art added to Coxhall’s stately grounds. Artist, Robert C. Anderson came to install his Atomic Garden Kaleidoscope as part of the Children’s Garden features. His visit was much awaited by many, including Marsha Guerriero, Coxhall Master Gardener, who saw Anderson’s work when visiting Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio. “The Kaleidoscope is an interactive work of art that is focused around living plants. We hope it will delight children of all ages!” stated Guerriero.

The celebration continued as guests then paid tribute to artist, Bud Colucci. Colucci was the designer of Coxhall’s Campbell Crossing Bridge, dedicated in memory of the late Bob Campbell. His wife, Judith Campbell, collaborated with Colucci and HCPR in its design which includes the Circle of Life sculpture, the iron figures gates and the stained glass compass rose. Colucci was joined by his family as he accepted a commemorative photo of Campbell Crossing, presented  by HCPR Director, Chris Stice. “The bridge, designed to celebrate life and provide a beautiful setting for quiet reflection, reminds us to appreciate nature’s gifts every day.” stated Judi Campbell, a founding member of FHCPI and current HCPR board member. The Friends of Hamilton County Parks, Inc. (FHCPI) is a nonprofit foundation created for the purpose of bettering parks and recreation in Hamilton County and its communities.