City of Noblesville Receives IPEP Safety Grant

(Photo courtesy of IPEP)
Pictured left to right: Deputy Chief Jason Thompson; Deputy Chief Eric Cunningham; Agent Doug Walker,
Walker Professional Insurance; Assistant Chief Brad Arnold; Chief John Mann; Deputy Chief Jason Voyak; and Lieutenant Curt Kinman

The Indiana Public Employers’ Plan, Inc. (IPEP) is excited to announce the City of Noblesville as a recipient of its 2022 safety grant award. IPEP is proud to partner with Assistant Chief of Police Brad Arnold, along with Doug Walker of Walker Professional Insurance, to maximize opportunities to promote a safe work environment and assist with stretching their risk management resources.

The grant funds will be used to purchase safety equipment or safety training programs that will reduce or limit workers’ compensation exposure.

IPEP was created in 1989 as a risk-sharing pool for public entities, as a response to the need for public employers to find affordable workers’ compensation coverage. IPEP has grown to provide workers’ compensation claims administration for more than 700 public entities including cities, towns, counties and schools.

“IPEP has partnered with the City of Noblesville since 1997. We value their commitment to maintain a safe workplace for their employees. The goal of the IPEP Safety Grant is to continue our partnership with the City of Noblesville and assist in enhancing their safety program,” said IPEP President Frank Short. He went on to say, “The city requested 19 Safariland Hardwire Level IIIA bullet resistant vests, with trauma plates for added protection. The vests add an extra layer of protection for the police officers and IPEP is proud to assist with cost of these items. The safety vests will help keep police officers safe and mitigate workplace injuries.” Assistant Police Chief Brad Arnold, who is heading the partnership between IPEP and the Noblesville Police Department, said, “Working with IPEP has been great. This is something they (IPEP) made available to the city, looking for opportunities to provide safety equipment for our officers.” He explained how the city normally budgets each year to buy new vests for officers, which cost about $1200 per vest. He emphasized that the grant wasn’t made to fill a budget shortfall, saying, “This grant is just to help offset the cost of the vests.  It’s a savings for the city.”