Letter: Give Them What They Need

Dear Editor,

Ukraine has done a great job of defending itself with the small arms that have been furnished to it.  It needs other arms.  It needed other arms at the beginning of the war.

It needs Surface to Air (SAR) missiles and Surface to Surface (SAS) missiles with battlefield radar computers to calculate point-of-origin targeting.  It needs the Mig fighters offered by Poland.  With these weapons, the Ukrainians practically can create a “no-fly zone” by themselves.

It would help if NATO nations actually thought of their own self interests.  A fully loaded Russian Mig could turn quickly and attack a NATO country that borders Ukraine deliberately or accidentally.  There needs to be a buffer zone.  NATO should declare a “no-fly zone” over much of Ukraine.  If a Russian jet enters an area of a few hundred miles from the border of a NATO country, NATO should warn the Russian pilot to leave the “no-fly zone” or be targeted as a threat to a NATO country.  This self-interest protective policy would benefit Ukraine and NATO countries in too many ways to describe in this message.

Woodrow Wilcox Dyer, Indiana