Letter to the Editor: Reader Want Girls, Children Protected

Dear Editor,

Who’s watching out for girls, women and young children?

What do people not understand about protections for girls, women and children? The LGBTQ community want to ruin lives for all of the above with the allowance of men and boys pretending to be female competing in women’s and girls sports and no one has the nerve to push back on this insanity. I viewed the mockery expressed on Will Thomas’s face after he was awarded first place in the women’s 500 yard freestyle race.

Where are the naysayers? Why are the parents not standing up and pushing back? Where are the coaches and anyone involved in sports not standing up for girls and women’s sports?

As for protecting young children, Texas Governor Abbott signed a bill that will protect young children from manipulation into thinking they are another gender than what they were born, thus saving the unknowingly immature child from unnecessary surgeries such as: castration, surgery to remove male genitals, surgeries to remove the female reproductive system, plastic surgeries to construct artificial genitals, so-called “top surgery” to remove female breasts, or any procedure that removes a “healthy or non-diseased body part or tissue” from children when not medically necessary.” This is nauseating and child abuse.

Doctors have admitted that youth do not have a mature mind until the age of 24. Danelle Fisher, MD, chair of pediatrics at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., says that prolonging the age of adolescence is a good idea. “It’s not like you get to 18 or 19 and the brain is done growing,” she says. “Those in late adolescence are still prone to some of the things that adolescents can get into trouble with, partly because their brain hasn’t fully developed. They don’t always make smart choices when it comes to their health and well-being.”

How would a three to nine year old child make a choice to change their gender at such a young age? Their brains are even more underdeveloped at their age to make a decision that will critically affect their future lives. Only a manipulative adult would be in the picture on this event in a child’s life.

Mari Briggs Sheridan