Noblesville Lions – “Corn and Other Stuff”

(Photo courtesy of S. Craig)
Lion Kim Luckey, Vp and Kevin Cavanaugh (right)

On Wednesday evening, March 23rd, the Noblesville Lions hosted a very special speaker, Kevin Cavanaugh, Phd. Kevin enlightened the club on “Corn and Other Stuff.”

Mr. Cavanaugh had spent 27 years with Beck’s Hybrids as Director of Research; and does he love corn! He started with summer jobs at an Ohio company, then college at Iowa State University, finishing up at Purdue University; and now is an owner in a Genetic Licensing Business. He kept the club’s interest with technical information about CORN, and its genetic research! Mr. Cavanaugh also gives community time as a high school board of education member. Who could imagine so much technology in corn and farming!