Daily Almanac:  April 30, 2022


RISE: 6:45 a.m.     

SET: 8:37 p.m.

High/Low Temperatures:

High: 72 °F

Low: 52 °F

Today is…

• Bob Wills Day

• Bugs Bunny Day

• Independent Book Store Day

What Happened On This Day:

• 1789 George Washington becomes the first U.S. President

• 1916 Germany and its World War I allies become the first countries to use daylight saving time (DST)

• 1975 The fall of Saigon marks the end of the Vietnam War

Births On This Day:

• 1933 Willie Nelson

American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actor

• 1982 Kirsten Dunst

American actress, singer

Deaths On This Day:

• 1945 Adolf Hitler

Austrian/German politician, Chancellor of Germany

• 1983 Muddy Waters

American singer-songwriter, guitarist