Ground Breaks on New East Bank Development

(The Times Photo by Betsy Reason)
J.C. Hart Company Inc. Sr. VP Todd May, Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen, Republic Development President Rick Arnos, and Hamilton County Commissioners Vice President Steve Dillinger break ground on the $47.9 million East Bank Development in downtown Noblesville. The development will include 5,000 square feet of retail space, 219 high-end apartments, and a 275-car parking facility.

By Joe LaRue

Yesterday, in a ceremony on the southwest corner of 6th Street and Connor Street, representatives from the City of Noblesville, J.C. Hart, and Republic Development broke ground on the mixed-use development that will go in on the east bank of the White River, south of downtown Noblesville.

Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen, J.C. Hart Senior Vice President for Development Todd May, and Republican Development President Rick Arnos spoke about the project, their commitment to it, and the process of seeing their goal come one step closer to becoming a reality.

Both May and Arnos took pains to express their gratitude to the City of Noblesville and Mayor Jensen, as well as the Hamilton County Commissioners. Rick Arnos said, “I would like to recognize the county commissioners, Hamilton County is very fortunate to have the commissioners they do. They are way out in front of things.”

Todd May said, “I would like to thank the City of Noblesville, they have been so enthusiastic and supportive throughout this whole process.” May went on to say, “Mayor Jensen, you have been so supportive throughout this whole process as well. Your energy and enthusiasm has permeated your whole team and it has been a pleasure to work with you.”

Mayor Jensen, who spoke last, thanked all of the developers who have worked on the project, before noting his partners in government who lent a hand as well. “I cannot do my job without a supportive team around me, and that is the Noblesville City Council. Those nine work as hard as anyone and we could not have got this done without them.”

Mayor Jensen also emphasized that this project was intended to, “enhance our downtown area and our entire city without taking away from the aesthetic that makes this downtown area so unique.” He went on to repeatedly mention the importance of respecting and caring for the city’s history while looking forward that lay ahead.

After Mayor Jensen’s closing remarks, representatives from the City, J.C. Hart, Republic Development and the Hamilton County Council posed for photos. Commissioner Steve Dillinger represented the Council, Todd May represented J.C. Hart, Rick Arnos represented Republic Development, and Mayor Jensen represented the City of Noblesville. They posed for pictures with the various development teams and staff who assisted in the implementation of the East Bank Development.

The $47.9 million mixed-use development represents an ambitious effort by the city to continue to upgrade and evolve the downtown Noblesville area. It will include a ground floor with 5,000 square feet of retail space, three floors of residential apartments that will total 219 high-end living units, and a 275-car parking space for residents and visitors to the downtown area.

Construction is expected to take two years and will be completed sometime in the winter of 2023-24.