Lecher to Play Football for Marian University

Photo courtesy of Jen Kauffman
Hamilton Heights’ senior Michael Lecher has signed a letter of intent to play football for the Marian University Knights in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lecher (seated) is pictured with (from left to right), Macey Knotts (girlfriend) Johana Lecher, (sister), Carl Lecher (father), Diane Gall (aunt), and Izzy Lecher (sister).

Michael Lecher, Hamilton Heights’ senior, has signed a letter of intent to play football for Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Marian University is a member of the Crossroads League and is a NAIA athletic institution.

“It was Marian University’s nationally ranked Byrum School of Business, its football team being an annual contender in the NAIA National Championships, and a long and deep family connection at this university that sealed the deal,” said Michael Lecher, who plans to study business management with a minor in finance. The Byrum School of Business is recognized for education and developing transformational business leaders who are trustworthy, healthy, inquisitive, and skilled with a focus on experiential learning. Lecher believes his education and opportunities at Marian will help him learn the financial and management skills necessary to effectively run his own business and have long-term success in providing a professional service.

“The Knights football team has had four NAIA National Championship appearances over the past 10 years, winning two of the four,” he continued. “My parents are both alumni as well as 10 of my aunts and uncles. Two of my cousins are current students and my dad is a professor there. I also know many of the professors and the campus feels like a second home to me.”

Lecher has been passionate about football since the second grade when trying to kick field goals at practice at Our Lady of Grace in Noblesville. In sixth grade, he began professional training which took off under the support and direction of coaches Brandon Kornblue, Mark Hagee, and Tyler Warner. “I devoted many weekends and winter and summer breaks traveling out of state to train,” he explained. “I also spent a lot of my time focusing on form drills and making my technique as consistent as possible.”

It paid off. Lecher started varsity as freshman and earned four varsity letters. He was nationally ranked by Kornblue Kicking, a Fab 50 Punter – Class of 2022, 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Camp Invitee – named to the Class of 2022 All American Team and was the first person to make a field goal at Hamilton Heights Middle School, with the most FG’s and PATS at the middle school.

“Michael has been very passionate about kicking for quite some time,” said Kurt Ogden, Hamilton Heights High School Athletic Director. “He has put in countless hours of off-season training and individual work with a trainer the past four years to earn this opportunity. We’re excited for Michael, and we wish him well as he takes his talents to Marian University.”

“Michael was a varsity kicker for the Huskies all four years of his high school career,” said Jon Kirschner, Hamilton Heights High School Head Football Coach. “He was a part of a senior class who lived and breathed football for four years. As he and his class grew and developed they became a formidable group who were able to compete at a high level against everyone on our schedule. The western game Michael’s junior year is a great example. Western was ranked in 4A and undefeated. Through gritty and hard-nosed play, we were able to knock them off in overtime with Michael kicking the game winning PAT.”

“Their senior year he and his classmates continued their winning ways with a 6-4 standing which was the first winning record in 5 seasons,” continued Coach Kirschner. “One highlight of Michael’s senior year was against Western in which he kicked a crucial onside kick that gave us a chance for a come from behind win. It was one of the best onside kicks I have seen in a very long time. I wish Michael the best at the next level, and I know he will do a great job for the Knights!”

Growing up it was the older kickers and punters at the time that were very influential on him. “I really looked up to the Marian specialists when I was younger, especially Marty Waddick,” Lecher recalled. “They all accepted me and gave me a lot of advice and mentorship coming up in my career. I also learned from the older athletes that I met at kicking camps. I could always reach out to them for help or advice. Learning from the older athletes has been crucial in my development over the years.”

For several years Lecher raced ATVs in the IXCR series, which also meant he spent a lot of time wrenching on his quads. He has also taken up “Michael’s Mowing” and enjoyed being a part of the Teach One to Lead One mentoring program.

“I think one of the biggest things I have learned at Heights is how to get through the hard times with my head held high,” he explained. “I faced a lot of challenges through my high school career, but nothing worse than losing my mom to cancer. From her I learned how to fight through the tough times. You must have the desire and drive to fight for your goals. No one can give that to you, and no one can take that from you. Through it all I kept to my training, kept kicking, and kept getting a little better every day. I also want to say thank you to everyone who believed in me and supported me over the course of my career!”