Rep. Spartz Returns from Ukraine; to Visit U.S. Border This Week

Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) recently returned home from a short visit to Ukraine to assess the situation on the ground. She witnessed war crime investigations in Bucha, major destruction in Kyiv and surrounding areas, and significant devastation in her native Chernihiv, which heroically held the ground for over a month to delay Putin’s troops and saved the day for Kyiv.

 “We cannot be naive and not acknowledge that a major world conflict has already started,” said Spartz. “China and Russia are using a hybrid and multimodal strategy around the world to destabilize and control, which will require leadership and smart policies from the United States now more than ever.”

In the past few months, Rep. Spartz has visited the region on several trips and has become a leading voice in demanding stringent oversight and transparency of financial and military aid from the US to Ukraine. Most recently, she has called for a congressional oversight hearing along with her colleague and Ranking Member of the Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), on the issue. Read her letter here. 

Spartz also announced that on Wednesday she will be traveling to the U.S. – Mexico border. Last spring, she traveled to our southern border three times to evaluate the ongoing humanitarian and national security crisis, which has only been exasperated by the failed policies of the Biden Administration on our southern border. The situation will worsen over the next few weeks as the Administration considers lifting the Title 42 restrictions, which could lead to over 18,000 persons a day crossing the border illegally into the United States. She will be joined by other Members of Congress on the trip. 

“When I visited our southern border last year, the border patrol shared with me that Title 42 is the only tool left for preventing complete chaos,” Spartz said. “Lifting Title 42 will escalate our border crisis into an outright catastrophe and is raising a significant national security threat, especially in light of the major war in Europe.”

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