Used Bike Sale, Donation Day Coming to Westfield

A used bicycle sale and donation day will be held Saturday, May 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. sponsored by Recycled Cycles at the group’s repair shop at 810 E. Main Street in Westfield.  The shop is located at the top of the drive, north of Big Hoffa’s BBQ.

Several top-condition bikes will be offered for sale at bargain prices.  Payment by check is preferred.  Proceeds will be used to purchase parts to repair other bikes.  Last year, Recycled Cycles repaired and gave away 460 bicycles to deserving families who might not otherwise have afforded new bikes for Christmas.

The group repairs child and adult bikes throughout the year under the sponsorship of  Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County .  Donations of any used bike, no matter the condition will be accepted.  Parts of unrepairable bikes are salvaged to make whole bikes.

For more information contact Gary Blackburn.