Dugan Still Trying to Hit World-Recognized Roundabout Record

(Photo courtesy of Dave Dugan)
Comedian Dave Dugan, a Hamilton County resident, is trying to get a world recognized record for driving around a roundabout — while raising money for the Cancer Support Community — during an event at 9 a.m. Wednesday at Village at WestClay at Jackson Circle and Horseferry Road, which was honored in 2016 as the “World’s Most Beautiful Roundabout.”

Dave Dugan is at it again.

Four years ago on Groundhog Day, the comedian, a Hamilton County resident, set a world-record at laps around a Carmel roundabout with proceeds going to charity.

Yes, the Carmel comedian drove in circles a total of 717 laps around a single roundabout.

It took him three hours and 10 minutes “and some seconds,” Dugan said.

Average time per lap: 15.9 seconds. No breaks. Only brief stops, long enough to load up passenger guests.

A little crazy? Maybe. A little dizzy? Definitely.

But he was doing it for a good cause, Cancer Support Community Central Indiana.

And now he’s doing it again, at 9 a.m. this Wednesday at the same roundabout.

Dugan in 2018 set the record in the Village at WestClay at Jackson Circle and Horseferry Road, which was honored in 2016 as the “World’s Most Beautiful Roundabout” and published on the cover of the 2016 Roundabouts of the World calendar. “Yep, there is one,” Dugan said.

The comedian said Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard stopped by the fundraiser before Dugan started his laps and enjoyed several laps as Dugan’s passenger. “Among many good, fun facts, he reminded me that I was the entertainment at the International Roundabout Conference that he (Brainard) hosted in 2011.”

While he set a record last time in Carmel, it wasn’t a world-recognized record, which he is going for this time around.

He’s going to make a second grand attempt to set a world-record at laps around a Carmel roundabout when he gets back in the car for the “Out and Aroundabout with Dave Dugan” event on Wednesday.

In 2018, there was no record of anyone doing this. “But we were then told at least the Guinness World Records folks did not have a category or want to start one for roundabouts,” Dugan said this week. But he’s still hoping they’ll change their minds.

He hasn’t made this roundabout attempt since that first time. “Just knew I would again. After four years of being involved with fundraisers for Cancer Support Community, the first year in 2018, I felt it was time again,” Dugan said. “Thanks to the City of Carmel for setting us up on the same roundabout.”

He thanks the city

“Although the 2018 attempt did raise funds and awareness for Cancer Support Community, which was the priority, I still feel the need to try and get a world recognized record,” he said. “It is possible that I have a bit of an OCD issue, as well.”

“Time in a roundabout” is the only record recognized by record setters,” Dugan said. “Again, Guinness wants nothing to do with world records like this, focusing more on someone with 32-inch fingernails or a beard of bees. So the record is currently held by a guy from Queensland, Australia. So I have to beat four hours and 52 seconds and will do this through gritted teeth and a full bladder.”

So how does Dugan prepare for this feat? “I will again not train or rehearse and drink nonstop waters and Coke to further challenge myself,” he said. “My dream is to beat the record, exit from the vehicle with stiff joints, wet myself and declare myself a winner.”

Dugan said, “I guess this (roundabout) thing has been in my blood for a while.”

It was a fundraiser he’d been planning for years in honor and inspired by his late mom, Martha Dugan, a resident of Carmel for 50 years. “I had plenty of time to think of her and many of the other close family members and friends that inspired me to seek this quest,” Dugan said.

“I also had plenty of time to reflect on myself — in the rearview mirror — and am considering growing my hair out again,” said the Carmel High School grad, who got a shortcut right before hitting the roundabout in 2018. “I didn’t realize my ears were so big.”

Dugan said he will be waiting “anxiously to see this record acknowledged, possibly right across from the page from the guy with a beard of bees.”

Fittingly for Dugan, the Cancer Support Community’s annual fundraiser, June 4 at Clowes Hall, is called Laughing Matters. Up until the event, donations to their great cause “to make sure no one faces cancer alone” will be welcome at cancersupportindy.org.

Oh, and hear this: “Any donor also wanting to be a part of this world record history is welcome to ride some of these laps with me,” Dugan said. “Just get word to me prior to midnight Tuesday, May 10 (tonight)….” If interested, look for Dugan and his fundraising post on Facebook, or send Dugan a message through his website at www.davedugancomedy.com (click on Contact).

“Not only are you benefiting a great cause, but you’ll find me to be a fun, yet safe driver with the best playlist this side of the Mississippi,” Dugan said.

The Hamilton County native is a Carmel High School graduate who still lives in Carmel. He is celebrating 39 years of comedy. The original Crackers location in Broad Ripple launched Dugan’s career, and after a year of being house comic, he went on to make a name for himself as a comedian. He’s appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show, The Bob and Tom Show (the inconsiderate Bart McCallister is one of the characters he has played on the show) and Comedy Central, plus his voice is heard on national radio and TV commercials and narrating documentaries on ESPN, ESPN 2 and the History Channel. He was host to “The Hangover Cafe” radio show for 21 years. He was also “honored to narrate a documentary telling the story of the 100th Indianapolis 500.” Over the weekend, Dugan performed his standup act on Friday and Saturday at the Crackers Downtown.

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