Letter to the Editor: Reader Says Men, Women Need to Take Responsibility

Dear Editor,

The unfortunate leak from the Supreme Court’s upcoming case load is the possible Roe v Wade Federal Law overturn.

All at once we have dissidents storming the steps of the Supreme Court, gatherings in front of county courthouses and egregiously at the homes of some Supreme Court Justices. Pro abortion and Pro life supporters are coming at each other head to head. I understand Pro life’s stance on abortion but I question the reasons for abortion in these contemporary times because birth control and condoms have been available for decades now.

So the question is – why do women allow themselves to become pregnant if they don’t want to have a baby? Also, why do men not use contraception to prevent an unwanted baby? And most importantly, why do the MEN and BOYS who impregnate the mother of the child not take the responsibility of supporting the mother financially and emotionally during and after the baby is born?

There was a time before 1973 when abortion was illegal. It was morally wrong to consider such an act.

Women who became pregnant were expected to carry their baby full term and care for it after birth. A lot of “shot gun” weddings happened to protect the mother from scandal of getting pregnant before being married to the father.

The sexual revolution of the 1960s changed the attitude of some in society about the freedom of sex, especially for girls and women. The result was a lot of unwanted pregnancies and no one was taking responsibility for this. What is most shocking about the attitude supporting abortion today is the attitude of allowing abortion even in the third trimester of the woman carrying the child. And even more conspicuous is allowing an abortion right before a healthy baby is born! What normal minded adult would support this?

So the month of May has become the starter point for possible riots around our country this summer because of a purposeful leak to get it started. Instead of the immaturity of these protests, men and women need to take province for their actions and stop making unwanted babies!

Mari Briggs